Listen to Studio:Milwaukee with Frightened Rabbit

Listen to Studio:Milwaukee with Frightened Rabbit

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frightened rabbit at radiomilwaukee

Their music can inspire … and break your heart. It is gloomy … and uplifting.

Frightened Rabbit lives on an emotional rollercoaster.

Fans of The National will relate. Even more so with Frightened Rabbit’s new album, “Painting of a Panic Attack,” because it’s produced by The National’s Aaron Dessner (also co-curator of the Eaux Claires Festival).

This afternoon, the Scottish band played a live Studio:Milwaukee session at 88Nine for invited Radio Milwaukee members. (Become a member.) Tonight, they’ll play at the Pabst, on their first American tour in three years.

The music on this record, the band’s fifth, “is more longing and subtler than anything we’ve done before,” says frontman Scott Hutchinson. “It’s a step forward without losing who we are.”

Stream the Studio:Milwaukee session and interview with Frightened Rabbit below:

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Live Studio:Milwaukee session before their show at the Pabst

Scotland’s Frightened Rabbit stopped in for a Studio:Milwaukee session in advance of their performance at the Pabst Theater this Thursday, April 28. Doors at 7 p.m., show at 8 p.m.

Who wants to be happy?

-- Scott Hutchinson of Frightened Rabbit

Fear not, Rabbit fans. “Our outlook hasn’t changed,” Hutchinson says. They remain immune to a sunny outlook.

“Who wants to be happy?” he asks.

88Nine is currently playing “Get Out” from the new album. On the band’s website, Hutchinson says the song is about a lover he can’t seem to shake off.

“It’s about that person to whom you are completely addicted. They are a drug, and the one that you don’t feel like quitting. They live in your blood and will not leave. I’ve always found it compelling to write about the physical nature of love and loss, rather than the mental aspect.”

Watch the video for “Get Out.”

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