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Listen to The War and Treaty electrify Studio Milwaukee

You've heard the song "Down to the River" playing on 88Nine, now listen to The War and Treaty live below.

The War and Treaty swung through our Studios on Monday, November 12 before the duo's show at Turner Hall Ballroom.
As The War and Treaty, Michael and Tanya Trotter serve up healing and pain robbing with freewheeling joy on their new full-length album, "Healing Tide." With funky bass lines, keys, lap steel, acoustic strings and stripped-down percussion, the music creates a swampy Southern soul bed for the couple’s transcendent vocals.

They showed those off right away with a performance of "Jeep Cherokee Laredo," followed by "Are You Ready To Love Me?"

Then Tonya told us how they met and how they build the "ecstatic, empowering sense of partnership" that leads the group's music.

Fittingly, a day after Veteran's Day, Micheal introduced a song that he wrote while sitting on the bank of the Euphrates River looking up at the moon while serving in Iraq. He called it "Hey, Pretty Moon" and played the heartfelt, soulful and freeing tune to close out the performance.

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