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How Milwaukee musicians are addressing the pandemic in their latest releases

Just like all of us right now, Milwaukee creatives are processing this new normal. Piet has an article up at JSonline covering the wide range of Milwaukee songs, music videos and albums that have come out since we all started sheltering in place.

Reins Daily | Courtesy of the artist

For instance Twin Brother's Sean Raasch, who now performs as Reins Daily, has a song that he wrote in just a few minutes called " The Game" that really speaks to the moment. "Yesterday everything was normal/Was out with a friend we were laughing," he sings. "Now today is much different as I can't leave my home/Wish I was told that I'd be left alone."

Another example is ska band Something to Do, which recorded a quarantine anthem called " Stay Inside." And the rap duo Guerilla Ghost has responded with a more political take on the situation called " Keep Your Distance." "Life as we know it changed indefinitely," they rap. "Through lack of action from the presidency/The gravity of it all breaking our backs/Bracing for an economic collapse."

Milwaukee singer-songwriter Chris Haise also reflects on the times with his new nine-track release "The Quarantine Tapes." You can find many more examples at Piet's article, and you can stream the episode below.

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