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Summerfest's remodeled amphitheater promises a very different experience

We still have to wait a few more months for Summerfest this year -- the pandemic pushed the event back from its usual June/July run to a September one -- but one of the festival's most prized amenities will make its debut this month. Summerfest's remodeled American Family Insurance Amphitheater will host its first concert when the Foo Fights play there July 30, and early this week Piet got an early look at the new digs, which include expanded concourses, better views, a higher ceiling and better accessibility -- as well as more aisles, making it easier to make a beer run or take a bathroom break mid-concert.

Piet shares his take on the venue's $53 million dollar renovation, and answers all our burning questions (like will the world's most random Wendy's still be there?) on this week's episode, which you can stream below.