A new documentary on Amazon Prime examines Coo Coo Cal’s rise and fall

A new documentary on Amazon Prime examines Coo Coo Cal’s rise and fall

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On this week’s episode, we’re discussing a new documentary about Coo Coo Cal that’s now streaming on Amazon Prime. Director Ramon “Swift” Sloan and creator K.B. Barrell’s “The Rise and Fall of Coo Coo Cal” tells the story of how the Milwaukee rapper went from having the number one rap song in the country, 2001’s “My Projects,” to virtually disappearing from the music industry’s radar. How did the bottom fall out so quickly?

Coo Coo Cal | “My Projects”

Tommy Boy is notoriously one of the worst albums for artists relations. But in the documentary Coo Coo Cal lays most of the blame for his fall not on his label but on himself and his struggles with addiction. After a string of flubbed performances and no-shows, he was swiftly dropped from Tommy Boy.

Hear us discuss the documentary on this week’s episode.

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