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In The Mix explores the black roots of house music


Every Saturday evening we set the vibe for the city of Milwaukee from 10 p.m. to midnight. We mix up the hottest sounds from the electronic dance music scene.  In The Mix with  DJ Kenny Perez prides itself on bringing to the forefront some of Milwaukee’s most talented DJs and producers as guests on the show.

Stream the mixes below and follow me on all social media  @djkennyperez.

Today electronic dance music is seen as an entity dominated by a global community, but like rock 'n' roll, house music has humble beginnings. Hopefully this episode will help to answer any questions you may of had about the genre's roots.

Feb. 1 marked the beginning of Black History Month, so for Saturday's show I decided to pay my respect to some of the pioneers of house music. DJs Larry Levan, Frankie Knuckles, Ron Hardy and others dropped deep '70s and early '80s R&B, disco, electronic and funk cuts at underground clubs they would DJ. Their digging and manipulating of music would inspire people to create a lot of the dance music that we hear today.

To be honest, the rest of it is history that I could never really tell you about, because I wasn't there. I can tell you that house music and its influence on "me" has changed my life. There is a saying, "house is a feeling" and for me a that term absolutely defines what the dance music community is, was, and will absolutely continue to be. If you're interested in the history of house music and its black LGBTQ+ origins, watch the links below before you listen to me and DJ Devast8's throw down some classic tunes. Thank you and continue to celebrate black history beyond February.

The history between me and DJ Devast8 goes way back to around 1991-92. I was 16 years old and he was about, 14. David would always listen to mixes his friends and family would bring back to Milwaukee from the city of Chicago. The tapes would consist of DJs playing house music on the radio, specifically WBMX and B96. DJs Julian "Jumpin'" Perez, Bad Boy Bill, Tim "Spinnin'" Schommer and others would dominate the airwaves with hip house, acid house and freestyle. Hearing those mixes were ritual for us both and I can say that doing this episode for our listeners is something we don't take for granted.

Playlist Hour 1 - DJ Kenny Perez

  1. "Let No Man Put Asunder" - First Choice
  2. "Is It All Over My Face?" (Female vocal) - Loose Joints
  3. "I Want To Thank You" - Alicia Myers
  4. "Walking Into Sunshine" (Original Larry Levan 12" mix) - Central Line
  5. "Move Your Body" - Marshall Jefferson
  6. "Your Love" - Frankie Knuckles & Jamie Principal
  7. "Promised Land" - Joe Smooth
  8. "Devotion" - Ten City
  9. "Acid Tracks" - Phuture
  10. "This Is Acid" - Maurice
  11. "Strings Of Life" - Rhythim Is Rhythim (Derrick May)
  12. "Got A Love for You" - Jomanda

Playlist Hour 2 - DJ Devast8

  1. "Let The Music Take Control" - J.M. Silk
  2. "Let's Do This" - Fast Eddie
  3. "Can't Stop The House" - Thompson & Lenoir
  4. "I Can't Forget" - Mr. Lee
  5. "Work Your Body" - Fast Eddie
  6. "Love Can't Turn Around" - Farley "Jackmaster" Funk
  7. "I Fear The Night" - Tyree
  8. "Move Your Body" - Marshall Jefferson
  9. "Hardcore Hip House" - Tyree
  10. "Git On Up" - Fast Eddie and Sundance
  11. "Hip House" (original) - Fast Eddie
  12. "This Is Acid" (KnT Dance mix) - Maurice
  13. "Turn Up The Bass" - Tyree
  14. "Yo Yo Get Funky" - Fast Eddie
  15. "So Let It Be House" - Mike Dunn
  16. "God Made Me Phunky" - MD X-spress
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