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5 things to do</br>this weekend, Dec 10-13

In Jamaica, there's a colorful and cool way to inquire about the things you might want to do; they might say "wha' g'waan," which is patois for "what's going on." Milwaukee however is not Jamaica, we have this blog to find out wha g'waan, read on...

1. Of Monsters and Men

Scandinavia must have a fascinating scene; there is no dearth of dope bands and we've got one of Iceland's best rolling through town this Friday. Of Monsters and Men highlight a busy week at The Rave and is your chance to catch up on a band that broke through with the sing-along twee sound on their debut, 2011’s My Head Is an Animal but followed it up with something a bit darker and edgier in this year's Beneath The Skin. That they're betting on themselves bodes well, seperating them from other sound-a-likes like the Lumineers and looking like a good show to start the weekend.

Friday at 8pm
The Rave


2. M.U.F.F. Benefit!

If you're not asking yourself what in the world M.U.F.F. (Milwaukee Underground Film Festival btw) is, then you're prolly already going to their benefit party at Linneman's this Friday. Who are they again? The Milwaukee Underground Film Festival is a student-run, international film festival dedicated to showcasing experimental and avant garde film, video, and installation work. The lil bash they're throwing in Riverwest is to fund visiting artists, special screening events, and ultimately, their 2016 festival. Music from Kenosha's  Donoma, Madison-based Meghan Rose & The Bones, and punk rockers  Blue Collar Brawlers all on the bill while MUFF sells additional merch and baked goods to support another year of bringing underground film to Milwaukee. 

Friday at 9pm ($5)
1001 E Locust St. Riverwest


3. It's Dad

Local rapper and real-life father(?), Dad is kicking off the release of a new, aptly titled Father Figure EP (on cassette!) this Saturday at Company Brewing in Riverwest. Sometimes I find out about shows like this one, where I don't really know what to expect but something tells me this is going to be a good one. I say that because of the buzz I been hearing around the show and knowing that sometimes that simple intrigue and curiosity are enough of a reason to hear music as any other. Plus it's close to home, so if you're in Riverwest on Saturday, step out.

Saturday at 9pm
Company Brewing



4. Techno

One of Milwaukee's better kept secrets for seeing shows is Walker's Point venue Studio 200. The soundsystem is brutal and the dancefloor is more than decent; a dope spot that is mostly the realm of some of the best electronic music shows in the city. Many of the events at Studio 200 are expertly curated by A.part, who are known for putting together most of the shows there. This Saturday, they've got a great lineup for techno lovers: DJ's Submerge, Diva D, HER w/HIM & DJ E-Rich.

Saturday at 10pm
Studio 200
200 E Washington St. Walker's Point



5. Hover Craft

This Sunday you can support local crafters and vendors while searching for that perfect holiday gift. Hover Craft was "produced to support the established and emerging creative arts community in Milwaukee by providing an brick and mortar space to encourage makers of all sorts to showcase their talents and encourage individuals to interact with their own community." In other words, it's a bazaar (I've always loved that word!) Regardless, the annual event has expanded to over 70 talented vendors from Milwaukee, selling unique and hand-crafted wares. From functional pottery and jewelry to illustration and poetry, Hover Craft makers run the gamut between art and craft.

Sunday 12pm-6pm The Pritzlaff Building 311 N Plankinton Ave

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