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You Should Know: Salad Boys

Salad Boys

Coming to Milwaukee

When: This Friday, Oct. 23
Where: Company Brewing (735 E. Center St., Milwaukee)
Tickets: $5 cover (more info:

The basics

Where they’re from: Christchurch, New Zealand
RIYL: The Replacements, jangle-pop/garage rock, REM

5 questions with Salad Boys

All the way from New Zealand, Christchurch’s Salad Boys are currently on their very first US tour, wrapping up right here in Milwaukee at the brew-pub Company Brewing in Riverwest. We asked a few questions to Joe Sampson, singer/guitarist of the band. Learn a bit about them and watch a video below:

1. What were your early influences?

Wire, Jay Reatard, The Feelies, Sparkehorse, Can

2. Tell us something people would be surprised to know about you.

We all love Cypress Hill, N.W.A. and Marcy Playground

3. I heard your name comes from an inside-joke. Could you tell us the story?

The band name comes from a misheard lyric in the Feelies’ song “Fa Ci La.” I thought it was “Salad Boys” but it is actually “silent voice.”

4. What’s the music scene like in New Zealand? Is it pretty inclusive???

Yes and no, everyone has their own taste and opinions, there are loads of bands, some are exceptional. Have a listen to the three part compilation of NZ music that came out on Urban Kill's blog this year and you'll see.

5. What comes to mind when you think of Milwaukee?

The scene in Wayne's World where they meet Alice Cooper back stage and he tells them how to pronounce it properly.

What’s next for Salad Boys?

After we come back from the US we're doing a short tour of New Zealand and then we're resting and then beginning work on our next album, most of which is written and ready to record.

Watch the video for Salad Boys "Dream Date" below: