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Watch for cycling Saint Nicks as Santa Rampage returns Saturday

Hundreds of cyclists dressed as Santa Claus ride over a bridge with a city skyline in the background.
Wisconsin Bike Fed / Facebook

As we officially get into December, you probably don’t need a reminder that Christmas is a shade over three weeks away. But, in case you do, thousands of cyclists dressed as Santa Claus riding through the streets of Milwaukee should do the trick.

That jolly scene will play out for the 19th time this Saturday morning, when the event benefiting the Wisconsin Bike Fed rolls its way from Bay View to the East Side and back again.

The 12-mile loop from the Bike Fed offices on Becher Street to Hollander Grand Café on Downer Avenue is just one option for your pedaling pleasure. You can also push off at the café and cut your ride down to 6 miles or — for those seeking something family friendly — join the Elf Cycle Frency that starts and leaves from the Bike Fed on a mere 3-mile jaunt capped by a hot cocoa social.

In all cases, the event is a slow roll, so speed demons need not apply. Both the 12- and 6-mile options will have a police escort, while the Elf Cycle Friendly will be led by official Safe Routes instructors.

To help you ease into the day, participants are invited to gather at either the Bike Fed (187 E. Becher St.) or Hollander (2608 N Downer Ave.) at 8 a.m, with the latter offering food and drinks for purchase so you can fuel up. The most important thing to note is that the ride leaves the Bike Fed at 9:30 a.m. and doesn’t actually stop at Hollander. Instead, riders joining at the halfway point are asked to safely and politely merge with the group for the voyage back to Becher.

If you’re the last minute type and want to get in on what organizers call “the world's largest holiday themed costume group bicycle ride for charity,” you can register on the event webpage right now, as well as at the Bike Fed or Hollander on Saturday morning.