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Summerfest looking for artists to play 2024 festival

Billed as the World’s Largest Music Festival, Summerfest puts more than 600 acts on its 12 stages across nine days. Or maybe it’s more than 800. Either way, it’s a lot. One of the ways they fill all those slots is by asking artists to apply for a chance to play at the festival — a process that officially opened today.

It’s a pretty straightforward process. You just use this link right here to access a 14-question online form. Only four of those questions are mandatory, as they involve crucial things like your act’s name and how to contact you for more information or make your dreams come true by putting you on the UScellular Connection Stage nine hours before Queensryche.

You also have the option of providing answers to 10 other questions that presumably could tip the scales in your favor. These are largely related to your digital presence and concern your social channels, as well as places the decision-makers might find your music. There’s also a chance for you to provide “Additional Information” in case you’re … I don’t know, the nephew of a famous musician or able to play guitar while juggling a soccer ball. Although if you can do the latter, I imagine there would be footage of that on your Instagram.

So, if you’re an artist interested in performing at this year’s Summerfest, start pulling all of that information together and fill out the form between now and April 5. Good luck.