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Culver’s announces return date for its mighty CurderBurger

For the past two Octobers, restaurant chain and Wisconsin jewel Culver’s has eased our grief over summer’s end by taking its already-satisfying ButterBurger and placing a patty-sized cheese curd atop the “fresh, never frozen” beef like a golden, calorie-laden crown.

Today, it announced the CurderBurger will return starting next Monday, Oct. 2, and hang around for as long as supplies last.

As of this writing, I can’t provide further clarification about that last part. When the wonderful tradition started in 2021 as an April Fool’s joke made manifest, it was for one day only — National Cheese Curd Day, naturally. Culver’s reportedly sold more than 136,000 CurderBurgers as cheeseheads started mowing them down first thing in the morning, causing many locations to run out well before lunchtime.

Last year brought a more civilized, egalitarian approach that stretched the offer from mid-October through the end of the month (or as long as the relatively more plentiful supplies lasted at each location).

I skipped round one but got my hands on a CurderBurger last October, and I can say … not bad! It’s not a flavor revolution, nor is it a culinary can’t-miss occasion. I also suspect the location I visited undercooked my curd. But for those already making regular stops at Culver’s anyway and not currently dealing with any cholesterol issues or specific dietary instructions from your doctor, there’s no harm in adding a curd to your burger.