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The impact 88Nine made on Milwaukee in 2018

Looking back on all the good stuff our 6000+ supporters made happen in 2018

Every year around September, we start casually thinking about our annual report: what to include, internal deadlines to set, when we want to mail it out to members.

Then, we get wrapped up trying to find new members during fall fundraising, and all of the sudden it’s late October!

This year, we tried something a little different, something a little more us and something that was a direct response to feedback we heard from our members.

In August 2018 focus groups, we asked members what information they wanted to receive from us. Of course, they want invites to events, emails about new music and stories, but they also wanted to understand how their gift was being directly used to make an impact on the city.

So, instead of producing a 20+ page Annual Report with loads of copy and lists, we created a concise Impact Report. It’s a square, 6-panel rollout just under 6 inches tall and wide. It highlights all of the major ways we contributed to our mission to create a more inclusive and engaged Milwaukee in 2018. And, best of all, there’s a 95% chance that you’ll actually want to read the whole thing!

Here’s panel one:

Click for the full report and make your impact today with a gift to Radio Milwaukee.

Shout out to our pals at RevPop on the artwork, BrilliantDPI on the printing, and Alyssa Feuerer on the copy.