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Kat Froehlich

Weekend Host


Milwaukee Hobbies?
Counted cross-stitch, leather craft, playing with dogs, singing and horseback riding.

Favorite Place to Take a Visitor in Milwaukee?
I love taking people on my boat ("Larry"). Cruising up and down the river, stopping at restaurants, watching the fireworks over the lake. Oh, and pulling exhausted kayakers and dead-in-the-water boats to docks, getting a mile out and hopping in for a swim. And, getting pulled over by the Coast Guard and police for routine inspections (which I always pass). It doesn't get much better than that!

Favorite Band/Artist of All Time:
Ani DiFranco. She's my hero and I swear she built me. I may have ended up a very different person had her music not come into my teenage life. Thanks, Ani.

What About You Would Surprise People?
When I'm not at 88Nine, my full-time job is in the tool and die industry. There is a very specific item that you all have in your homes that came from one of our molds.  I'll give you a hint: it's in your bathroom. I love Wisconsin manufacturing!