Liz Smith

Liz Smith

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Liz Smith

Gutenberg, IA

Favorite TV show of all time?
Seinfeld, without a doubt. 

Favorite band of all time?
The Strokes – no matter what they put out I am always in the mood to hear The Strokes. 

Favorite place to take a visitor in Milwaukee?
SABROSA CAFE! One of the best breakfast spots in Milwaukee, a hidden treasure. 

How/why did you get into radio?
My first job in radio was at a little country music station in Clayton County, IA called KCTN, followed by a jazz show at my college‚Äôs station, KWLC, late in my senior year. I have always been a big music lover and pretty open minded when it comes to different styles of music, which makes Radio Milwaukee a great place to be! 

88Nine Radio Milwaukee
Development Manager