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Bug Moment is feeling l'amour for Ian's ratatouille pizza, so they wrote a song about it

Bug Moment had a moment enjoying the ratatouille slice from Ian's Pizza.
Ian's Pizza
Bug Moment had a moment enjoying the ratatouille slice from Ian's Pizza.

The members of Milwaukee rock group Bug Moment really like food.

Back in June, we were all over their plans to play a show at a Culver's restaurant (which unfortunately fell through and shifted to an equally rad skate park instead). Now, the group has shifted focus from fast food to fast-casual at a local pizzeria.

Ian's Pizza is notorious for its creative (and sometimes outlandish) variety of slices and pies. Every other week, the local chain rotates in a new limited-time specialty slice, one of which caught Bug Moment's attention — so much so, they wrote a song about it titled "ratatouille moment."

The French-inspired slice has all the essentials of a ratatouille dish, which you may recall as the title of the 2007 Pixar classic (and, in this author's opinion, a top-three Pixar film) about a rat-chef. The pizza features eggplant, yellow squash, zucchini, bell peppers and fire-roasted tomato, topped with parmesan, mozzarella and parsley.

Lead singer Jasmine Rosenblatt spends roughly half of the 38-second tune gracefully reciting those ingredients verbatim over a fluttering acoustic guitar that'll have you feeling like you're enjoying a slice and a glass of wine in the French Riviera. She then gives a ringing endorsement:

Come to Ian's Pizza
For ratatouille
And you'll be happy

You can pick up the ratatouille slice at all three Milwaukee Ian's locations until Aug. 29 and catch Bug Moment live Friday at Turner Hall (presumably sans pizza) with Social Cig, Fellow Kinsman and Diet Lite.

88Nine Social Media Manager | Radio Milwaukee