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Fellow Kinsman still Trippin’ about Turner Hall show in new video

Fellow Kinsman performing at Turner Hall Ballroom's all-local show Aug. 25.
Brett Krzykowski
Fellow Kinsman performing at Turner Hall Ballroom's all-local show Aug. 25.

Were you at Turner Hall Ballroom last month for the all-local lineup? It was great! People hugged, beer and seltzer was enjoyed, the crowd surfed, and Milwaukee music soundtracked the whole night.

It really was a fun night, and you should definitely plan on being there for the next one. But, if you missed this one, Fellow Kinsman has done everyone a public service by recapping the experience in a new video featuring their live performance of “Trippin’.”

Directed and edited by Isaiah Joseph, the video might not be quite all-access, but it does cover a lot of ground in a little more than six minutes. There’s a roughly 60-second prelude of sorts that focuses on the more behind-the-scenes aspects backstage and around the venue leading up to the actual performance. It’s a very cool — albeit very small — look into band life during a heightened experience.

From there, the video jumps into the live performance itself and everything that happened around it (and occasionally right through it). The crowd rippling like a wave crashing into the front of the stage, The band throwing themselves into the music while shooting “can you believe this?” looks at each other. Bright lights and cool graphics and a palpable sense of fun.

Also, the song’s good! The final track on Fellow Kinsman’s most recent album, Where Were You, “Trippin’” has a languid surf-rock pace that meshes nicely with the vibe of the video and what it felt like to be in that room. Watch and listen below, then maybe see it live for yourself when Fellow Kinsman play the Miramar Theater on Oct. 4.