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Milwaukee Music Premiere: Aduro Supernova, ‘Gratitude’

A man wearing a baseball cap raps into a handheld microphone while pointing at an unseen crowd as another man next to him works a sound board.
John Lyons Photography
Courtesy of the artist
Aduro Supernova (right) and Oshra.

Every week, Milwaukee Music Premiere connects the city’s artists with our listening audience. If you’re an artist with a track you’d like us to debut exclusively on Radio Milwaukee, head over to our Music Submission page to learn how.

There is an instant sense of atmosphere in Aduro Supernova’s new track we’re premiering here. In fact, the idea of where exactly “here” is seems to shift as the opening moments of “Gratitude” unspool.

The song is a family affair, with Aduro tapping his brother-in-law and fellow Milwaukee-area artist Joe Quinto to collab, along with Colorado-based producer Oshra. The trio created something distinctly dystopian and pretty dark — a groove that feels like it could soundtrack a pensive moment straight out of The Matrix. The low end and distorted higher pitches bounce off each other as the chorus seems to fight with itself about whether to be subdued or boastful:

Gratitude for the life I’ve been given
Still wishin’ some things could be different
Still livin in the dream that arisen
Still givin’ everything I’ve been given

Like a fiend on a mission
Imma take your whole team ambition
Everything ain’t what it seem when it glisten
I can tell you what I mean if you listen

The lyrics draw a picture of someone being pulled in at least two directions, and Aduro and Quinto color it in as they trade verses the rest of the way. The psychology of it all makes sense considering Aduro’s current situation: a SoCal resident working as a therapist by day and a lyricist/beat maker at night.

You can listen to “Gratitude” using the player at the top of the page and hear it on 88Nine throughout its premiere day, including as part of the 5 p.m. Milwaukee Music Hour. Aduro Supernova also has a few more singles in the works and will roll those out in 2024 to build on his previous full-length projects.