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MKE Music Premiere: A double-edged dream from Will Pfrang and the Good Land Gang

A man plays guitar while looking down at the camera with two church steeples looming behind him.
Austyn Meyer
Courtesy of the artist

Every week, Milwaukee Music Premiere connects the city’s artists with our listening audience. If you’re an artist with a track you’d like us to debut exclusively on Radio Milwaukee, head over to our Music Submission page to learn how.

It’s not often that one of our Milwaukee Music Premieres doubles as an English lesson. Actually, it’s never. But there’s a first time for everything, and this one comes from Will Pfrang and the Good Land Gang’s new single, “Girl in My Dream.”

The lesson: Prepositions matter.

The phrase we more often hear when someone is completely besotted goes a little something like, “She’s the girl of my dreams.” We don’t give much thought to that “of” but might not skim past it quite as fast after digesting what Pfrang & Gang have to say in their latest track.

The instrumentation that gets us into the tune is a dead giveaway about what we’re in for. An immediate sense of melancholy washes over you while the first guitar tones ring out, and Pfrang follows through on the feeling with two verses that take you through a whiplash of a love story:

I got this girl in my dreams
Each night she comes and haunts me
We lay and talk about the night
But you know she’s gone at first light

I got this girl in my dream
Not sure why she wants me
I’d love to know her name
But each time she runs away

You see the problem here, right? Girl OF your dreams = good. Girl IN your dreams = frustrating.

In their notes accompanying the song, which was recorded at Stories Studio with Thomas Riddle, the band explained “it’s about infatuation and a deep sense of longing.” As you listen, you can almost imagine the dreamer slowly opening their eyes, letting out a big sigh and then reluctantly pulling themselves upright to get on with the day ahead, just so they can do it all again that night.

You can listen to “Girl in My Dream” — the band’s first release of 2024 — right here using the “Listen” button at the top of the page and find it after it’s rolled out to the wider world this Friday, Jan. 26. Will Pfrang and the Good Land Gang also have a couple chances to bring the song to the stage in the weeks ahead: Feb. 2 at Shank Hall and March 8 at The Cooperage.