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MKE Music Premiere: Oh Geeez, Not Again, ‘Weightless’

Four men in casual dress stand in an open field and hold an orange flag with a tree symbol and words that say, "Oh Geeez, Not Again."
Oh Geeez, Not Again

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In the music world, the word “hiatus” can mean a few different things. It might be a chance for a band’s members to flex their solo muscles. It could be a passive approach to ending things completely, going out with more of a sigh than a band. It’s also possible that it’s just a breather so everyone can regroup and redouble their efforts.

The break that Milwaukee indie-pop outfit Oh Geez took last year turned out to be the last of those three. They nudged aside their previous iteration as “an eclectic, animation-inspired project,” decided to get personal with their music and even changed their name to reflect this new chapter.

Now operating under the moniker Oh Geez, Not Again, they shared the first bit of this new chapter in February with the single “Departure” and follow it up today as we help them premiere “Weightless.”

Artwork for Oh Geeez, Not Again's single "Weightless."
Artwork for "Weightless."

The self-described “Noah Kahan meets Fall Out Boy” track leans toward the Kahan end of the spectrum by featuring strummy acoustic strings and clear vocals on verses that seem to hit the idea of emerging from hiatus pretty squarely on the head:

Break me out this ice age, shake off the cold
And put me on a white page with room to roam
Where I go, I go my way, and I go alone, so…
I don’t wanna wait, I don’t wanna wait, I don’t wanna wait around…

I wanna be weightless when I wake up
I wanna be famous when the day’s done
I wanna be shameless with my self-love
I wanna be weightless when I wake up
I don’t wanna wait around

Oh Geez, Not Again is working toward a new album “all about the adventures, perils and possibilities of growing up.” This latest single speaks pretty directly to the “possibilities” in the equation, although the band shared with us that the confidence shining through may receive some comeuppance later in the album. We’ll find out when the full project gets its release, but for now you can listen to “Weightless” here and in the usual streaming places starting April 5.