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Meet some of our wonderful Members!

And learn their stories of why they listen, love and give

Radio Milwaukee Members are as diverse as our city. They live in different neighborhoods, work in a variety of industries and dance to all kinds of music - but they all believe in the importance of supporting the unique contribution this organization makes to Milwaukee.

Keep scrolling to meet a few of our Members (like Emily). Some have been Members for years, others just started giving this year. Each and every contribution keeps Radio Milwaukee on-air, online and in the community. If you'd like to join our Membership family, click the button below.

Member since 2013
Teacher / Artist / Yogi

Brenna first discovered Radio Milwaukee in college. A friend recommended the station and, even though she wasn't living in Milwaukee yet, she visited often and checked out recommendations she heard about on-air.

Brenna donates to Radio Milwaukee to keep the love flowing. She gets paid through the work she does in our city and makes sure a portion of her income goes back into it.

In her own words, “88Nine is the heartbeat of our community. When I tune in to the station, I know I'll get the pulse on fresh and exciting music, restaurants, and events. Most importantly, I get to hear stories of progressive and positive people who are making an impact on our city. The work of this station connects us all. I donate to Radio Milwaukee because I want to ensure the vitality of this valuable community resource. I love that my contributions go toward keeping the station and its programming active and accessible for all."

Member since 2018
Works for the City of Milwaukee

Before becoming a Radio Milwaukee Member, Devin donated his time to the station through volunteering. From working phones during Membership Drive to putting together packages of goodies to send to Members, Devin put in lots of hours to help Radio Milwaukee succeed.

Now as a contributing Member, Devin gives both his time and a portion of his income to the station. He says, "The community based effect is huge for my well being. I enjoy how citizens of Milwaukee rally to serve for the betterment of the city that I love... while getting groovy."

Members since 2015

The Halaiko family has been listening to Radio Milwaukee since 2007. They, of course, love the music selection, but really connect to the way the station focuses on building the community up.

Now, as Members, the Halaikos enjoy bringing all 4 of their kiddos to Studio Milwaukee Sessions. Simply put, "We believe in having a station that’s locally run by people who love music."

Member since 2012
Partner at Catral Doyle creative co.

Originally from Alicante, Spain, Ignacio is now a proud Milwaukeean and business owner. He used to listen to WYMS' previous jazz format and when Radio Milwaukee launched in 2007, he kept listening. 

A big fan of Studio Milwaukee, you can find Ignacio front row at tons of our sessions. Aside from the music, Ignacio loves the community focus of Radio Milwaukee. He says, "I love how Radio Milwaukee highlights all of the positive work that people are doing around town while not shying away from talking about the difficult challenges we face as a city. It makes me want to be a better citizen."

Member since 2013
Works for Visit Milwaukee

Sick of Top 40 stations,Emily doesn't remember the first time she listened to Radio Milwaukee, but she does know that she rarely turns it off.

After being inspired to become a Member because she was jealous of her sister's Radio Milwaukee sweatshirt, Emily has enjoyed coming to Studio Milwaukee Sessions and seeing some of her favorite artists in intimate settings.

In her words, "I definitely started listening to 88Nine because of the music - I have learned about and become a fan of so many artists because of 88Nine, and I especially appreciate the love that the station gives to local Milwaukee musicians - but when I talk about Radio Milwaukee, it's the mission of the station that I rave about. The work the station does to bring the community together, bridge cultural gaps, and open people's eyes to events and organizations that they may not have otherwise been aware of is truly changing the city.”

Member since 2010
Owner of Regano's Roman Coin

After listening to 88Nine just one time, Milwaukee native Teri was sold on the station. She was inspired to start giving to the station because of the diverse music on the station. She says, "It was like no other on the Milwaukee airwaves."

And while she still digs the music, Teri has enjoyed being a part of a "like-minded, community-conscious group of people, all of whom are working to make Milwaukee a better place!"