City Lounge is hosting a ‘Seinfeld’ pop-up bar in April

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Plenty of Milwaukee-area bars have hosted pop-ups over the last few years, paying tribute to popular movies or TV shows or nostalgic childhood favorites, but few have gone all out as consistently as Cudahy’s City Lounge. Over the last couple of years the Cudahy tap has reinvented its space with elaborate homages to “Game of Thrones,” “Friends” and “The Office.” And now it’s taking on one of the biggest sitcoms of all time: “Seinfeld.”

From April 3-27, City Lounge will host “Festivus: A Pop-Up Bar Experience.” A rep from the bar tells us the space will be made over with an apartment, a diner, a comedy stage and “a place for soup but no soup for you.” There will also be free trivia on Thursdays during its run.

Admission to the pop-up bar is free, but all patrons must be 21 or older (since, you know, it’s a bar). For photos from some of City Lounge’s recent pop-up bars, including this winter’s Disney-themed pop-up, visit City Lounge’s Facebook page.

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Hmong pop-up dinner coming to Milwaukee’s Braise on Feb. 25

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On Feb. 25, Braise will host a Hmong pop-up dinner prepared by  Chef Yia Vang of Minneapolis’ Union Hmong Kitchen.

Founded by Chef Yia Vang, Union Hmong Kitchen is a pop-up restaurant experience that features Hmong culture, stories, rituals, foods and flavors.

The pop-up will feature a family-style meal featuring a variety of dishes including smoked Hmong BBQ pork, whole grilled striped bass with smoked tomato chili, whole tribe chicken, Hmong sausage, cucumber salad with tamarind vinaigrette, char root veggies with Indian curry, grilled broccoli, and roasted cauliflower.

Vang has plans on opening a new restaurant in Minneapolis called Vinai later in the year. You can learn more about the restaurant via his Kickstarter.

You can learn more about the dinner and make reservations on Braise’s website. You can learn more about the chef and his story in a Journal Sentinel interview.

Hmong Tribe Chicken
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The folks behind Milwaukee’s Snack Boys are getting into the hotel game

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Back in January, we shared the news about a new boutique hotel coming to downtown Milwaukee called Dubbel Dutch. The hotel would also include a restaurant and bar, and now we know its name.

The new restaurant will be called the Horned Hare and it will be owned and operated by John Revord of Boone & Crockett, Snack Boys and The Cooperage; Mitchell Ciohon of Taco Moto, Snack Boys and The Cooperage; and Eamonn Keyes and Stephen Landish of Snack Boys. Plus, Boone & Crockett’s General Manager Katrina Cary will assist in operations and menu design. 

Dubbel Dutch - Horned Hare restaurant

Horned Hare and the hotel are scheduled to open this May prior to the DNC convention. The concept for the restaurant will be inspired by a European hunting lodge. The name is a nod to the wolpertinger, a mythical creature in German folklore that represents a physical portmanteau of all the restaurant’s collaborators. While the inspiration for the endeavor is rooted in Milwaukee’s European past, its decor and execution are set firmly in the present, according to the press release.

Horned Hare will feature craft cocktails and a curated European beer list, and the food will be smaller protein-heavy dishes.

According to the press release, the owners say they had the original Boone & Crockett on their minds when concepting the beverage program. The menu will be small yet expansive in content and reflect the group’s most lovingly curated venture to date. “For the folks that miss the serious side of Boone & Crockett’s early days, this is for you,” said Revord.

Snack Boys also announced that March 19 will be the grand opening of their new, relocated spot in the former Hotel Foster. Currently, Snack Boys is located in Walkers Point at 814 S. 2nd St.

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Brewers announce Superman, Peanuts, Top Gun and Boy Band themed nights

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Not even a week removed from their announcement of a stellar 2020 lineup of promotional giveaways, the Milwaukee Brewers are back to announce more goodies exclusive to Miller Park for their 50th anniversary season.

Whereas the previously announced giveaways are free to a select number of ticketed fans, Theme Nights and Community Nights are unique in that they require a special ticket package to receive the giveaway along with a seat. Moreover, the game is transformed to reflect the theme or community of the night through special entertainment between innings, characters roaming the park, an altered in-stadium soundtrack and more for those without a special ticket to enjoy.

In addition to the previously announced Star Wars Night on May 9 (which includes a STELLAR Jedi Lorenzo Cain bobblehead), highlights include: a Woodstock bobble for Peanuts Night on April 11 to complement the Charlie Brown and Snoopy ones from years past, an Elmo bobblehead for Sesame Street Day on June 27, a mysterious, limited edition WWE item for WWE Night on July 25 and an alluring Brewers themed “boy band T-shirt” for Boy Band Night on August 22nd.

And just in case the two Christian Yelich bobbleheads announced last week weren’t enough for you, Superman Night on Sept. 5 will allow you to snag a third where the former MVP is dressed as the hero’s alter-ego, Clark Kent, for a bobblehead.

The absolutely adorable Peanuts theme night Woodstock bobblehead

If pop culture-centric Theme Nights aren’t your thing, a Cerveceros replica jersey is being offered for Cerceveros Day on June 13 and a Brewers Pride fanny pack for Pride Night on June 22 among other Community Nights.

The full list of Theme and Community Nights can be found below.

Saturday, April 11 – Peanuts Night | Woodstock bobblehead

Saturday, May 2 – Top Gun Night | Brewers Top Gun shirt

Saturday, May 9 – Star Wars Night | Lorenzo Cain Jedi bobblehead

Tuesday, May 19 – Hawaiian Shirt Night | Brewers-themed Hawaiian shirt

Wednesday, June 10 – Bark at the Park | Brewers Dog Toy (Tickets can be purchased for Dogs as well)

Saturday, June 13 – Cerveceros Day | Cerveceros replica jersey

Monday, June 22 – Pride Night | Brewers Pride fanny pack

Saturday, June 27 – Sesame Street Day | Brewers-themed Elmo bobblehead

Friday, July 24 – Negro Leagues Tribute Game | Milwaukee Bears replica hat

Saturday, July 25 – WWE Night | Limited edition WWE item

Monday, July 27 – A Bugs Bunny 80th Birthday Celebration | Brewers-themed Bugs Bunny bobblehead

Saturday, August 22 – Boy Band Night | Brewers boy band T-shirt

Saturday, September 5 – Superman Night | Christian Yelich as Clark Kent bobblehead

Monday, September 7 – Flannel Day | Flannel shirt

Tuesday, September 15 – Hispanic Heritage Night

Friday, September 18 – Law Enforcement Night | Commemorative Brewers 50th anniversary challenge coin and $5 donation to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund

More information regarding the theme and community nights can be found here.

And if you’re wondering what we think are the best years for Brewers giveaways for the past decade, you can find that here.

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High hopes, Nickelback and Velveeta: Five takeaways from Brewers On Deck

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Yesterday, while our Music Director, Justin Barney, was attending the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards, I was attending an event of near equal prestige: Brewers On Deck.

The annual fan event returned to the Wisconsin Center for a day filled with interactions with players both veteran and new, interviews, game shows and plenty of freebies (I now somehow own six more Brewers themed bags).

It’s an event which celebrates both the past and the rapidly approaching future — pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training in a little more than two weeks and opening day is a mere two months away — and if you’re a fan of the Crew you’re bound to find something of interest given how so much is happening at once.

In my case, I spent most of the day returning to the main stage where players and management were interacting with one another all day as what appeals most to me is the insight into the team I’m preparing to spend another summer with. And there was certainly insight to be gained, both consequential and irreverent.

Thus, below are five of my takeaways from Brewers on Deck 2020.

The “Meet the Management” panel

5. Expectations are high for 2020

The Brewers roster at the moment is nearly unrecognizable compared to what it looked like at the end of the 2019 season. While veteran stars like Yelich, Cain, Braun and Hader have remained, the transaction heavy offseason has drastically altered both the offensive and defensive landscapes.

In spite of this, the “Meet the Management” panel saw nearly everyone in charge of the team make it clear that their expectations for the team’s success going into this year is just as high as last (if not more). Manager Craig Counsell and general manager David Stearns clarified this by explaining that they’ve been creating teams that have given them a shot at going to the World Series the past three years and think it’s just a matter of time before they break through.

Although a cynic may denounce this as just “keeping face,” it’s hard to argue against them when the team has made the postseason the past two seasons and was one game short of it the season before that. Further, of all the changing pieces, the team has a healthy Christian Yelich, reliable All-Star pitchers like Josh Hader and Brandon Woodruff, and promising new signings.

Which brings us to…

New signees Ryon Healy, Josh Lindblom and Avisail Garcia | Courtesy of @Brewers on Facebook

4. The “new guys” will surprise

In the same “Meet the Management” panel, the managers fielded questions from the audience and a common point of discussion was the aforementioned player turnover from last year. To quell these fears, Stearns asserted that while new players like outfielder Avisail Garcia and catcher Omar Narváez may not be the “big” signings people were hoping for, these “under the radar” signings are going to make an impact.

Stearns proceeded to explain that both players are at a sweet spot in their careers where they can provide a lot of bang for the Brewers’ buck and also contribute to a pre-established “culture.” This culture was described as key to the teams success as it “inspires players to succeed” and strives for winning.

Korean Baseball Organization MVP Josh Lindblom was also brought up as another signee who they expect to deliver big results — similar to fan-favorite Eric Thames who likewise came from Korea and provided three solid years for the team.

Pitchers Corey Knebel and Josh Hader | Courtesy of @Brewers on Instagram

3. “Brewers Face Off” is a showdown where memes are born

For the second consecutive year, two teams of Brewers players took the main stage to play their own version of the classic game show “Family Feud.” Coined as “Brewers Face Off,” this year the “Pitchers” went up against the “Hitters” and despite radio broadcaster Jeff Levering taking the place of Steve Harvey as host, the same amount of chaos as the televised version ensued.

For each question, one hundred Brewers employees were surveyed and ranged from “What is a common nickname for a home run?” to “Name a popular boy band from the ’90s.” The latter prompt presented perhaps the funniest moment of the game as relief pitchers Josh Hader and Corey Knebel were absolutely stunned before answering “Nickelback” and “The Jackson 5” respectively. Here’s hoping Hader takes the mound to the sounds of “Photograph” once the season starts.

Another highlight came in the form of “What is a popular type of cheese?” which saw Brewers icon Rollie Fingers confidently declare “VELVEETA!” and Gold Glove recipient Lorenzo Cain threaten to leave the stage after it was revealed that neither “pepperjack” or “parmesan” were on the board.

Pat Murphy (probably) antagonizing the team of Yelich and hitting coach Andy Haines | Courtesy of @Brewers on Facebook

2. Ed Sedar and Pat Murphy are a comedic powerhouse

While not as wall-to-wall bizarre as “face off,” “Brewers Game Night” saw three teams of two play common party games “Taboo,” charades, and “Pictionary” for nothing but bragging rights and the audience’s amusement. None of the teams were particularly good but there was a team which certainly stood out: third base coach Ed Sedar and bench coach Pat Murphy.

Having won the game night last year, both men walked on stage with an aura of cockiness to them and within seconds, Murphy was jokingly picking a fight with an audience member and mocking Brandon Woodruff’s home state of Mississippi while Sedar seemed exhausted already of his partner’s belligerence. What followed can only be described as two good friends being as obnoxious as they could be in the best way possible.

Between Sedar constantly giving hints to the other teams and Murphy arguing with Jeff Levering regarding the arbitrary rules, the two were equal parts “straight man” and “wise guy” as they consistently drove the 1,800 person crowd to laughter.

In contrast with the management panel on the same stage, both “game shows” had very little in the way of insight into the game but in its place found insight into the players and coaches relationships. This is a group who act like family and welcomed the attendees into that family while on stage — and that was a treat to see.

Infielder Keston Hiura signing an autograph | Courtesy of @Brewers on Facebook

1. The fanbase is as passionate as ever

I remember when last year’s Brewers On Deck sold out thinking, “I wonder how long this excitement will last?” and it turns out the answer right now is: “Not any time soon.”

The event sold out again this year and was packed to the brim with fans of all ages. In my five hours there I never saw an autograph or photo line empty, the team store was filled constantly, every main stage event became standing room only and talk of a World Series championship was everywhere. If you were completely out of the loop, you could think that we even won it all last year — the energy was that palpable.

Brewers On Deck isn’t for everyone and I’ll admit that you have to be a pretty dedicated fan to enjoy an event like this but if you are one, you certainly won’t be alone.

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Power ranking the past 10 years of Brewers giveaways

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For someone like me, the hype surrounding Brewers baseball never ends. Between exciting offseason moves, the forthcoming annual “Brewers On Deck” fan festival and new logos and uniforms, it’s rare for me to not have something Brewers related on my mind.

And perhaps the most exciting offseason news is finally here for me personally: the team’s annual announcement of their giveaway schedule for the upcoming season.

I unabashedly love stadium giveaways (“SGA” for the uninitiated) — to the point where my plans during baseball season are largely dictated by what new tzotchke is being offered at Miller Park on any given day. Besides the sheer novelty of the items, I often love them because they help to define the team at any given point by providing a time capsule of who or what is important in that moment and can possess a significance which isn’t fully realized until months or years later.

As we look forward to the Brewers’ 50th anniversary season and what amazing goodies they have in store, I thought it would be fun to look back on the past decade of SGAs and rank the seasons from worst to best based entirely on my own internal kitschy barometer and appreciation for anything handed out at the gates of Miller Park. Let’s begin.

#10 – 2012

The 2012 Jonathon Lucroy bobblehead

Despite coming off a stellar 2011 season which saw the team come to the National League Championship Series for the first time and win their most games in a single season, the 2012 giveaways were really lacking in both relative star power and novelty.

This was in part due to the loss of many of the team’s valuable players leaving in the offseason which assumedly left the team with little options but it was still a shame they couldn’t capitalize on this postseason success more. This is perhaps evidenced most clearly in the choice to have a Uecker bobble in his Milwaukee Braves uniform — a time period of his career which is more of a meme than a highlight.

At the very least, we received a Jonathan Lucroy bobble with a pinstripe variant hidden in 5,000 boxes of an all fan giveaway (a fun element of surprise I wish they would bring back) but everything else was simply yawn-inducing.

#9 – 2011

The 2011 Craig Counsell “Bierbrauer” Bobble

While the aforementioned 2011 season is one which fans will never forget, the giveaways were nothing much to write home about. There was at least more star power than the succeeding year in a bobble for future team manager Craig Counsell and star pitcher Zack Greinke but even the former freebie seems more like he is about to throw a baseball at an overhead bird than to any other player.

Aside from that, this season also gave us a Casey McGehee bobblehead mounted on a giant cheese wheel — a collectible I stumbled upon and is currently in my garage for no other reason than so I can say to people: “I inexplicably own a Casey McGehee bobblehead mounted to a giant cheese wheel”. This is a surefire conversation starter.

#8 – 2014

The infamous Jim Henderson bobblehead

2014 was clearly a year where the Brewers decided to step up their game when it came to giveaways. Six different shirts were given away to all fans throughout the season in addition to the typical bobbleheads and there was even the first “Zubazpalooza” theme night where Zubaz(!) pants were given away to those with special ticket packages.

The bobbleheads were pretty special too with Hank the Dog receiving his first bobblehead after wandering into Spring training and being adopted by the team’s vice president earlier that year and a fantastic Carlos Gomez bobble being up for grabs where he is catching a ball against a wall while wearing his Gold Glove award from the previous season.

The most interesting bobble of the year however (and one which personally raises the profile of this year) is the Jim Henderson one. According to the fansite “Milwaukee Brewers Bobbleheads“, it was produced as a part of a fan vote which took place before Henderson was placed on the 60 day disabled list and failed to successfully close a single game. While a bobblehead of a player who doesn’t meet expectations isn’t remarkable in and of itself, the truck that was set to deliver the bobble was also delayed due to mechanical issues and barely arrived in time the night before the game where it was to be handed out.

While I don’t believe this bobblehead is cursed, I certainly don’t believe it isn’t cursed either.

#7 – 2019

The elusive 2019 Christian Yelich MVP Bobblehead

Going into last season, the Brewers giveaway selection looked like one of the all-time greats. With both Jesus Aguilar and Jeremy Jeffress coming off of All-Star seasons, bobbleheads for them seemed like a no brainer and a bobble for new catcher Yasmani Grandal was a safe bet too. However, by season’s end, Aguilar and Jeffress were no longer with the team due to extended slumps and Grandal would leave for the Chicago White Sox soon after. In other words, the bobbles were almost immediately dated and sad reminders of what could have been.

Despite this, we still received an incredibly kinetic Josh Hader bobblehead, the beautiful “Orlando Calrissian” Star Wars theme night bobblehead, and a stellar MVP Yelich bobble which, in a rare occasion, completely sold out a game and led to it being something of a rarity on the resale market. We even received a retro Brewers fanny pack in June which has become my fashion-forward means of storing my phone and loose change at games ever since.

#6 – 2013

The 2013 Milwaukee Braves Hank Aaron Bobblehead

2013 is something of an oddity of the early decade when it comes to giveaways as the selection of goodies has aged surprisingly well with items highlighting both well-known and obscure Brewers legends along with fan favorite players of the time.

Fans had the chance to snag Corey Hart in a 1913 Milwaukee Brewers minor league uniform, Gorman Thomas in a Seattle Pilots uniform (despite never playing for the team) and Ryan Braun with a literal stolen base to celebrate his 30 homerun/30 steal season in 2012, just to name a few of the unique handouts. The highlight of the season in my opinion was a Hank Aaron bobble adorned in a Milwaukee Braves uniform due simply to how it immortalizes arguably the city’s first superstar athlete in bobblehead form.

#5 – 2017

The LEGENDARY Eric Thames 2017 shirt giveaway

2017 is a season which will always hold a very special place in my heart, and it’s all thanks to a magical beard powered shirt.

To make a long story short, the delightfully goofy Eric Thames shirt which was given away to all fans on a fateful June night is the reason I am such a dedicated fan now. Like the best giveaway items should, it attracted me to the game with it’s low, low cost of “free” and thrived on the zeitgeist surrounding a player — in this case, Korean Baseball Organization superstar Eric Thames and his explosive first season in Milwaukee — and ultimately led me to fall in love with the team.

Life-changing nights aside, a majority of the giveaways from the rest of the season are equally fun. These include: a Jonathan Villar bobblehead with a working “stolen base counter”, Robin Yount on a motorcycle from his legendary ride in County Stadium, a Bob Uecker magic 8 ball, and even Bernie Brewer claiming the Iron Throne for the team’s first “Game of Thrones” theme night.

Number 4 – 2016

The ultimate in Brewers kitsch — the 2016 Bob Uecker alarm clock

Like 2017, 2016 was a year of extreme quirk when it came to giveaways. Hank the Dog received a literal barking bobblehead, four(!) Brewers were transformed into the Ghostbusters for a bobble, and Will Smith received his own “Fresh Prince” inspired jersey for 90s night.

The holy grail of 2016 though was the talking Bob Uecker alarm clock. If I was simply ranking which giveaway of the past 10 years was the best, it would likely be this beauty for how it captures everything I love about SGAs. It is silly and unnecessary while simultaneously being a “must-have” based on those same merits. No one needs an alarm clock where Bob Uecker yells at you to wake up but dammit, I sure feel like I need it.

#3 – 2015

The modern masterpiece that is the 2015 Bob Uecker bobblehead

When compared to the previous two entries, 2015 seems pretty tame in comparison with its SGAs but it also possesses what I would consider some of the most iconic Brewers items of the past decade.

Former Brewers team president, owner and Milwaukee native, Bob Selig, finally received a bobblehead with a unique brick backdrop, the first Star Wars theme night came to Miller park and with it a perfectly named “Jedi Luc” (Jonathan Lucroy) bobble, and Bob Uecker received two fantastic bobbleheads which brought some of his greatest national accomplishments to life.

The first of these captured Ueck’s role as broadcaster Harry Doyle in the cult classic 1989 comedy “Major League” which was filmed in the old Milwaukee County Stadium and actually recited lines from the film. The other came only three weeks later in the form of Bob Uecker from his iconic Miller Lite commercials from the 80s and was modeled after the statue which can be found in section 422 of Miller Park which referenced the same commercials.

2015 also saw the abrupt rise and fall of the “garden gnome giveaways” which saw players Matt Garza and Scooter Gennett immortalized as everyone’s favorite lawn ornaments. I can’t decide yet if I loathe or love this decision as it means we will never get a Christian Yelich in gnome form…

#2 – 2010

Fewer calories, more nightmare fuel — the 2010 Miller Lite bottle beer vendor

In 2010, the Brewers were celebrating their 40th anniversary season and similar to the upcoming 50th anniversary season, held four retro weekend bobblehead giveaways to celebrate historical moments from each decade. While the giveaway selection was bare bones compared to more recent years, these time capsules were the definition of “quality over quantity”.

Hank Aaron hitting his final home run was immortalized as the moment of the ’70s, Cecil Cooper winning game five of the 1982 ALCS for the ’80s, Robin Yount’s 3000th career hit for the ’90s and CC Sabathia closing the 2008 season and clinching the playoffs for the ’00s. Each moment features a key attention to detail and have a certain element of respect for the past which pushes them past a simple promotional item (if you can ignore the sponsorship logo of course).

In spite of this excellence, my favorite giveaway of the year and one which almost pushes this season to legendary status is the eldritch horror which is the “Miller Lite Bottle Beer Vendor” bobblehead.

The Brewers are no strangers to anthropomorphized promotional items with the Racing Sausages and the newly revived Barrelman but at least in the case of those, there seemed to have been some genuine effort to make those characters likable. In the case of this thing though, legs and arms were simply attached to a beer bottle and the job was considered “done”. I would almost feel bad for the creature if it wasn’t for the fact that he is serving smaller versions of himself to unsuspecting patrons.

What I’m trying to say is, if you are going to give away a terrifying bobblehead, you can’t make it much better than this. 10/10

#1 – 2018

The 2018 “Gauntlet” bobblehead.

Not only was 2018 the Brewers’ best year since 2011 in terms of on-field success, it’s also the absolute best season for giveaways in the past 10 years and potentially ever.

The selection of bobbleheads was insane as the gamut was run from serious to silly with Eric Thames and Lorenzo Cain bobbleheads existing alongside Brewers-themed Captain America and Snoopy with “The Gauntlet” celebration bobble featuring Ryan Braun and Orlando Arcia being sprinkled in-between.

Maybe fashion was more your style? Well, you could essentially start a small Brew Crew wardrobe if you went to every apparel giveaway in 2018. Lightweight hoodies led into shirts, tank tops and replica jerseys before the year ended with an absurdly comfortable crew neck sweatshirt.

If neither bobbleheads or apparel got you excited, then surely you could appreciate a wall flag, a talking Bob Uecker bottle opener, or a mini replica BULLPEN CAR.

Basically, 2018 had something for everyone. I remember nearly every homestand was an event for someone as obsessed about the team as myself and it even reached a point where I got to know the gate attendants where my wife and I always entered and handed us the item of the day.

The 2018 mini replica bullpen car

It’s hard to imagine baseball without promos like these, no matter how “good” or “bad” they are. SGAs have become a part of the modern baseball experience. While I understand the criticism that such items take away from the performances on the field, I think they add to the overall enjoyment of a game.

Seeing tens of thousands of fans all open up the same gift, think about where they’re going to place it in their home or who they’ll give it to and maybe even trade someone for something from a few seasons back is such a strangely beautiful communal experience unlike anything else.

Special thanks to Jake Paulson whose fansite “Milwaukee Brewers Bobbleheads” does the invaluable work of archiving every bobblehead given away at Miller Park since they were introduced in 2001 and was incredibly useful in gathering the information for this article.

The Brewers 2020 promotional giveaway schedule can be found here.

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Milwaukee Brewers announce their 2020 promotional giveaway lineup

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One of the most exciting days for hardcore Brewers fans has finally arrived: the annual announcement of the upcoming season’s promotional giveaways.

Similar to the team’s 2010 40th anniversary season, the giveaways seek to highlight each decade of Brewers’ history with bobbleheads celebrating a star players from that decade. In addition, there will be ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, ’00s, and 2010s weekends to correspond with each bobblehead and a decade appropriate Brewers shirt given away to kick the weekend off as well.

Adding to the excitement, Yelich will receive his own “two-part bobblehead series” with both a 40-home-run bobblehead on Sunday, May 10, and a 30-steal bobblehead on Sunday, July 26, to commemorate his 40-30 season last year.

Not to be left out, outfielder Lorenzo Cain will receive a Gold Glove bobblehead on Sunday, June 14 to celebrate his incredible home-run-stealing, defensive showcase last year which made him the most recent Brewers player to win the award since Carlos Gomez in 2013.

To round out the bobble excitement, sportscaster and local treasure Bob Uecker will receive the latest in a series of oddball giveaways centered around his personality with a talking bobblehead on Sunday, June 28.

The full list of promotional giveaways and dates can be found below.

Thursday, March 26 – Brewers magnetic schedule | All ticketed fans

Friday, April 10 – 1970s Raglan t-shirt | First 10,000 ticketed fans

Saturday, April 11 – Brewers coupon book | First 25,000 ticketed fans 18+

Sunday, April 12 – Hank Aaron 1970s bobblehead | First 35,000 ticketed fans

Friday, May 1 – 1980s short-sleeve ringer t-shirt | First 10,000 ticketed fans

Saturday, May 2 – Noah’s Ark water park ticket | All ticketed fans

Sunday, May 3 – Paul Molitor 1980s bobblehead | First 35,000 ticketed fans

Saturday, May 9 – Lorenzo Cain Jedi bobblehead | Special ticket package

Saturday, May 9 – Brewers coupon book | First 25,000 ticketed fans 18+

Sunday, May 10 – Christian Yelich 40-HR bobblehead | First 35,000 ticketed fans

Tuesday, June 9 – MLB Network reusable tote | First 10,000 ticketed fans

Saturday, June 13 – Brewers coupon book | First 25,000 ticketed fans 18+

Sunday, June 14 – Lorenzo Cain Gold Glove bobblehead | First 35,000 ticketed fans

Friday, June 26 – 50th anniversary t-shirt | First 10,000 ticketed fans

Sunday, June 28 – Bob Uecker “Talking” bobblehead | First 35,000 ticketed fans

Friday, July 10 – 1990s short-sleeve t-shirt | First 10,000 ticketed fans

Saturday, July 11 – Brewers coupon book | First 25,000 ticketed fans 18+

Sunday, July 12 – Robin Yount 1990s bobblehead | First 35,000 ticketed fans

Sunday, July 26 – Christian Yelich 30-SB bobblehead | First 35,000 ticketed fans

Sunday, August 9 – Topps baseball card pack | First 35,000 ticketed fans

Friday, August 21 – 2000s t-shirt | First 10,000 ticketed fans

Saturday, August 22 – Ben Sheets 2000s bobblehead | First 35,000 ticketed fans

Tuesday, August 25 – Cooler bag | First 10,000 ticketed fans 21+

Friday, September 4 – 2010s t-shirt | First 10,000 ticketed fans

Saturday, September 5 – Brewers coupon book | First 25,000 ticketed fans 18+

Sunday, September 6 – Ryan Braun 2010s bobblehead | First 35,000 ticketed fans

More information regarding the giveaways and additional promotional events can be found here.

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Former Milwaukee Ballet space to become a ‘Beacon’ for creatives and entrepreneurs

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NEWaukee announced today that it plans to transform the former Milwaukee Ballet space that once housed the Historic Schlitz Tivoli Palm Garden building into a hub for creatives and entrepreneurs called The Beacon.

Located at 504 W. National Ave. in Walker’s Point, The Beacon will be the first project for NEWaukee’s new real estate venture, Place Based Development. In partnership with local developers JoAnne Sabir and Melissa Goins from Freedom Endeavors, NEWaukee plans to transform the two-story, 16,000-square-foot building into a mixed-use development.

Historic Schlitz Tivoli Building – 504 W. National Ave.

The Beacon will consist of open offices, meeting spaces, a flexible event space, retail space and a cafe/bar which will be independently owned and operated.

According to NEWaukee co-founder Angela Damiani, “The Beacon will provide a physical space for an inclusive and vibrant gathering of local artisans, makers, tech startups, small businesses, and the customers they serve.” NEWaukee and its sister companies Newance and Rev Collective will serve as anchor tenants in the building.

“NEWaukee’s mission is to change the way people connect, creating a beacon of belonging in the communities we work with,” explains Damiani. “This project will be the physical embodiment of that mission.”

NEWaukee and its partners have currently raised $615,000 of its $3.4 million budget. You can learn more about the project at the Fund Milwaukee public announcement on Monday, Jan. 27 at 5 p.m. at the University Club of Milwaukee.

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Pabst Brewing to launch Captain Pabst craft beer line and a new Milwaukee taproom

640 427

In recent months, Pabst Brewing has been diversifying its product line. They have launched a wide variety of products from hard coffee to hard seltzer to a high alcohol version of PBR. Now, they have announced a new craft beer line called Captain Pabst.

Captain Pabst Seabird IPA
Captain Pabst Seabird IPA

The maker of Pabst Blue Ribbon has announced the launch of a new craft beer line called Captain Pabst. The first beer from this line will be an IPA called Seabird and will be first available in Wisconsin and Illinois.

According to the website Brewbound, Captain Pabst beers will pay homage to the company namesake Frederick Pabst, who was a ship captain before marrying into the family that owned Best’s Brewing company, which was later renamed Pabst Brewing.

The Seabird IPA is named for the last ship Pabst captained, which was beached on the shore of Lake Michigan’s Whitefish Bay in a storm in 1863.

In addition to the new beer line, Pabst will be rebranding its Milwaukee taproom and brewery to Captain Pabst’s Pilot House. Folks will have an opportunity to try exclusive brews and spirits. Captain Pabst’s Pilot Hose will open March 28, which will be Pabst’s 184th birthday.

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Downtown Milwaukee to get a new boutique hotel this May called Dubbel Dutch

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If you haven’t noticed, a lot of new hotels are popping up in our city. Most recently, it was announced that a second Kinn Guesthouse hotel will be opening in downtown Milwaukee. And this week came word that another boutique hotel will be opening just in time for the DNC this July.

The name of this hotel will be Dubbel Dutch and it will be located in the former Charles A. Koeffler, Jr. House on Marshall Street in downtown Milwaukee.

Future home of the Dubbel Dutch hotel

According to the press release, Dubble Dutch is a play on the original architecture of the historic side-by-side or double house, designed by Milwaukee’s famed Ferry & Clas in 1898. Dubbel Dutch draws its
inspiration from the unique Flemish-style shaped gables crowned with finials and the Flemish-Dutch spelling for “double.”

In 1986, the City of Milwaukee designated the house as a distinguished work and recently secured historic designation from the federal government.

The hotel will feature 17 guest rooms, an on-site restaurant and bar and is set to open this May before the DNC.

The team that will transform this house into a hotel includes Juli Kaufmann of Fix Development, Andy Braatz of Braatz Building, Patrick R. Jones of Ramey Jones Architects and Sharon Kevil of Forti, who will design the interiors and create the guest room furniture.

Existing interior

Also according to the press release, the property is currently accepting inquiries for a 6-night, 17-room buy out during the DNC. Those interested should email

The property is also actively recruiting a House Manager to manage all facets of the hotel operation. Candidates who possess strong leadership skills, considerable knowledge of computer systems for registration, reservations, revenue management, and a minimum of three years’ experience as previous general and/or hotel manager are welcome to inquire by emailing

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