The Brewers are set to open the 2020 season against the Cubs in shortened, 60-game schedule

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Joining the Milwaukee Bucks, who announced their schedule to return to play last week, the Brewers and their fans finally have dates, times and matchups to look forward to.

After weeks of negotiations between Major League Baseball and the MLB Player’s Association, on June 23, America’s pastime was mercifully announced to return in late July. Having originally been set to kick off at home four months ago at Miller Park, we now know that the Brewers season will begin in Chicago on July 24 along with the 59 other matchups making up the shortened season. This includes a home opener against the rival St. Louis Cardinals on July 31.

The 2020 season will focus much more on divisional play than normal in order to limit travel and see the Brewers solely face both their typical National League Central rivals and their American League equivalents. This includes series against the Chicago White Sox, Detroit Tigers, Minnesota Twins, Cleveland Indians and Kansas City Royals — teams which typically make up a much smaller percentage of a season for the Brew Crew (if they even face off at all).

Moreover, Milwaukee is also set to play an exhibition game against the White Sox on July 22 at Guaranteed Rate Field in Chicago at 7:20 p.m. in place of the exhibition series they were set to have against Kansas City at home in March.

The complete schedule is below.

For the sake of player’s safety, there have also been some noteworthy rule changes made including putting an automatic runner on second base in extra innings to speed the process up, no restrictions on position players pitching and perhaps most importantly, designated hitters will be used across the league in order to help pitchers stay healthy and provide players with additional at-bats. The universal DH rule is most relevant to the Brewers in regards to Ryan Braun as it provides him an opportunity to see more play entering into the final guaranteed year of his contract.

Despite having a schedule and rule changes which benefit the team, the season is still set to occur within a global pandemic and as manager Craig Counsell announced on Monday, shortstop Luis Urias and pitcher Angel Perdomo tested positive for COVID-19, prior to Summer Camp beginning at Miller Park. Although the two were declared asymptomatic and part of the encouraging 1.2% of positive cases across the MLB’s testing results as a whole, it still creates concerns as more players across the league opt out of the season and concerns over the testing program arise.

And yet, it’s hard not to get excited that Milwaukee is currently set to see baseball this year and provide some normalcy in a year which is anything but.

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The Brewers will offer another chance to join Miller Park’s ‘Cardboard Crew’ tomorrow

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Last Wednesday, the Brewers unexpectedly announced that fans would be able to purchase one of 500 limited tickets to a Brewers game this season. The catch? Instead of a seat for yourself, a $50 purchase would instead net you a cardboard cutout of yourself to be placed in seats in or around the infamous statue of the team’s historic play-by-play sportscaster, Bob Uecker, which sits in Section 422 of Miller Park.

Just as quickly as the announcement came on Wednesday, the cutouts (deemed the “Cutout Crew”) sold out in 90 minutes on Thursday. Given the unique circumstances of this season and the fact that a portion of the proceeds went to the Brewers Community Foundation, it’s easy to see why. If you missed your chance to secure your paper persona however, you’re in luck as due to “popular demand,” more cutouts will go on sale tomorrow, July 7, at 10 a,m.

The cutouts will once again cost $50 and see a portion of the proceeds benefitting the aforementioned community foundation. As explained on, fans can upload a photo online which will be transformed into a two-foot tall likeness with FOX Sports Wisconsin’s broadcasts of the games offering glimpses of the cardboard “Brew Crew” surrounding Uecker’s statue.

Among other guidelines, the team’s official site suggests participants wear team apparel, take a photo (not a selfie) against a solid-color background and only capture from your waist up.

The organization has made it clear that this is another limited opportunity and it’s safe to assume this batch of seats could sell out just as fast as the last. Moreover, given the uncertainty of fans being able to attend games at all this season and the fact that Miller Park will be becoming “American Family Field” in 2021, this may be your last opportunity to “attend” a game in Miller Park while it’s still under that famous moniker.

Instructions on securing a seat are available at

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The Bucks finally have a schedule to return — here are the matchups

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After playing their last game of the 2019-20 season nearly four months ago, the number one seed Milwaukee Bucks finally know when they can resume their dominant march toward the NBA Finals.

Late Friday evening, the NBA announced the schedule for all 22 teams returning to finish the 2019-20 season at Walt Disney World in a truly bizarre fashion. To make a rather complicated situation as simple as possible, these 22 teams will play eight final games selected from the regular season which was cut short by the pandemic in order to determine seeding going into a traditional playoff format consisting of 16 teams.

For Giannis and friends, the final regular season games will see them matchup against a host of formidable opponents and rivals from both the Eastern and Western conferences, making for a “can’t miss” stretch of games.

Friday, July 31 @ 5:30 p.m. – vs Boston Celtics

The last time the Bucks and Celtics fought in January of this year

The Bucks will see their first action against their longtime rivals, and current third best team in the Eastern Conference, the Boston Celtics. Throughout the 2019-20 season, the Bucks matched up against the Celtics in two highly competitive bouts, splitting the season series 1-1.

Despite knocking the Celtics out of the playoffs last season, Boston has notoriously had Milwaukee’s number throughout franchise history and ended the Bucks playoff hopes five out of the seven times they have matched up. This includes twice in the Eastern Conference Finals and once in the 1974 Finals, meaning this beef goes back a long way and will provide an intense test for the team to kick off the season’s comeback.

Sunday, Aug. 2 @ 7:30 p.m. – vs. Houston Rockets

The Bucks one and only matchup against the Rockets so far

Two days later, the Bucks will finally have a chance to face the Houston Rockets again after initially beating them in their house to open the season. Although the Rockets currently sit sixth in the Western Conference, the season opener saw the Bucks down 16 points at the half and demanded a triple-double of Giannis to defeat Houston. In other words, it was no easy feat.

Moreover, Giannis and Rockets’ star James Harden have developed something of a feud which has been simmering since 2019, largely stemming from Giannis winning MVP over Harden last season. Given that the feud has only continued to build since their one and only matchup so far this season, this game will be an exciting peak at their budding rivalry and another solid test for Milwaukee.

Tuesday, Aug. 4 @ 12:30 p.m. – vs. Brooklyn Nets

A dominant performance by the Bucks shut down Brooklyn last time they met

Like the Rockets, the Bucks have only faced the Nets once before this season — and it too resulted in a Bucks win. Unlike the first two matchups of the season however, Brooklyn is a much less proven opponent this season as they are barely hanging on to their seventh seed in the East with a record below .500.

While the Nets were heavily aided by former Celtic, Kyrie Irving, in their first matchup, Irving’s season was ended in February to undergo shoulder surgery and thus this contest should provide something of a break for the Bucks before a heated fourth matchup.

Thursday, Aug. 6 @ 3 p.m. – vs. Miami Heat

To open the season at Fiserv Forum, the Bucks fell to Miami in a heart wrenching OT loss

Despite being the current fourth seed in the East, Miami has toppled Milwaukee both times they matched up so far this season. This included a deflating overtime loss to open the season at Fiserv and an uncharacteristically low scoring affair in March where Milwaukee lost 89-105.

Although another loss to Miami would likely do little to affect the Bucks standings by the time playoffs come, it would be nice to see them finally conquer the Heat and set a precedent going into the playoffs, in case they come face-to-face again.

Saturday, Aug. 8 @ 7:30 p.m. – vs. Dallas Mavericks

Giannis posting a massive 48 points wasn’t enough to take down Dallas in December

The Dallas Mavericks may not be a name you think of when you think of “Milwaukee Bucks rivals” but perhaps they should be for this matchup alone. If you’re confused as to why, the Mavs were the team which snapped the Bucks’ historic 18-game winning streak in their sole contest of the 2019-20 season back in December. Further, that win came without Dallas’ star, Luka Doncic, who should be in top form for this bout.

Monday, Aug. 10 @ 5:30 p.m. – vs. Toronto Raptors

The Bucks statement making win over the Raptors in Toronto from Feburary

There may not be a team more Milwaukee fans want to see the Bucks beat than the Toronto Raptors. The Kawhi Leonard-led team bested the Bucks in the Eastern Conference Finals last year to go on and win the NBA Championship and despite losing their aforementioned Finals MVP to the Los Angeles Clippers, have remained a dominant force in the Eastern Conference.

On top of that, there is rapper Drake’s now infamous trolling which fueled the fire even more. And yet, as of now, the Bucks have had the last laugh, beating the Raptors soundly both times they have faced each other this season. But one more victory couldn’t hurt, right?

Tuesday, Aug. 11 @ 8 p.m. – vs. Washington Wizards

In spite of an injured Giannis, the Bucks won their January game against the Wizards by 20 points with Middleton posting a career-high 51 points.

As dangerous as it can be to underestimate your opponent in any contest, if there was an opponent the Bucks could think least about in the lead up to Orlando, it may be the Washington Wizards. Not only have the Bucks beat the Wizards in both of their contests this season leading up to this point, but Washington is the team with the worst record heading into Disney at 24-40.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see this game used as an opportunity to rest players going into the final regular season game, but even so, that could make for a peak at the Bucks oft-overlooked depth.

Thursday, Aug. 13 @ TBD – vs. Memphis Grizzlies

Back in December, the Bucks last faced the Grizzlies and secured their 17th consecutive win at Memphis’ expense

Milwaukee’s regular season will end against the Memphis Grizzlies as opposed to the originally scheduled Brooklyn Nets. Having only played once before this season in December, and ending in the Bucks’ 17th consecutive win at the time, this game will provide Milwaukee a chance to secure another season series sweep and create some final momentum heading into the playoffs proper.

The first six games will all be broadcast nationally and the Bucks have announced that FOX Sports Wisconsin will also televise a number of games as well, although the specific games are not yet announced. The typical broadcast team of Jim Paschke, Marques Johnson and Zora Stephenson will return. Moreover, Ted Davis will return to call each game on WTMJ and the BMO Bucks Radio Network. More details on how to watch the games can be found here.

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How Black techies are celebrating Juneteenth and fighting for racial justice

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Today is Juneteenth which to many is considered America’s second independence for African-Americans. On June 19, 1865, two months after the Confederate defeat and almost three years after Lincoln delivered the Emancipation Proclamation, a quarter of million former slaves in Texas learned of their freedom. And it was on this day these former slaves celebrated their newfound freedom. African-Americans around the country have been celebrating this date for years.

And in 2020 because of the protests and fight for racial justice, Juneteenth has become even more important. Corporations, states and cities have officially called Juneteenth a holiday and that includes big tech companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter. And a lot of these companies just learned the meaning of Juneteenth. While these gestures are appreciated, these tech companies have not done a good job with diversity and inclusion internally.

In a recent NPR story, Black people in Silicon Valley are demanding more from tech giants and startups when it comes to racial justice.

And that is why some Black techies are doing what they need to do bring attention to the issues in tech industry this Juneteenth. Here is a list of four virtual Juneteenth Black tech events that are taking place. From addressing mental health to addressing bias in A.I. to representation in gaming, there is something for everyone.

Juneteenth Conference

Juneteenth Conference is a free virtual tech conference made for and featuring Black people in technology. The conference celebrates Black Excellence and promotes community for Black people who are severely underrepresented in the tech industry.

This two-day conference features panels like Empowered by Imposter Syndrom, Combatting Bias in Machine Learning and Innovating on OUR STEM Education.

Day of Healing with Black Girls Code

Self-care and self-preservation are acts of liberation. In observance of Juneteenth, we wanted to create a safe space where our community could feel heard, nurtured and free. Join Black Girls CODE virtually on June 19 for a day of healing through the arts and conversation featuring poets Aja Monet, Chinaka Hodge and facilitator Autumn Brown. The event is free.

RSVP here:

Juneteenth 4.0 Celebration

The Fourth Industrial Revolution represents a fundamental change in the way we live, work and relate to one another. It is a new chapter in human development, enabled by extraordinary technology advances commensurate with those of the first, second and third industrial revolutions.

To this end, while big tech, large venture funds and brands have made public statements signaling their support of the Black Lives Matter Movement, is essential that our entire ecosystem of academics, researchers, technologists, professionals, executives, big tech CEO’s, founders, funds, philanthropists and government back up their performative rhetoric with financial resources into the Black tech, startup and venture ecosystem.

OHUB & ThePlug are joining forces to commemorate Juneteenth and present the new order of opportunity to ensure that Black Americans and beyond are equitable represented in the future of work, fourth industrial revolution and beyond as a path to shared prosperity and multi-generational wealth for all with no reliance on pre-existing multi-generational wealth. Branded Juneteenth 4.0, this three hour virtual event will feature influencers, Black technology ecosystem builders and white allies that are committed to this definitive purpose of creating #racialequity.

RSVP here:

Axis Replay presents Juneteenth Celebration

Axis Replay’s Juneteenth Celebration will take place online and feature panels on the history of Juneteenth, reform and change, the importance of voting, and inclusion in gaming. There will also be a Fortnite tournament. You can learn more about this event here and register at

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Radio Milwaukee is celebrating Juneteenth Day

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Tomorrow, in celebration of Juneteenth Day, Radio Milwaukee is exploring the diaspora of Black music. From 6 a.m. to midnight, we’ll bring the sounds of Juneteenth to the airwaves for an inspired day-long soundtrack.

Programming will feature:

  • ALL DAY: Special selections from the Radio Milwaukee DJs
  • 12 p.m.: Juneteenth Let’s Hear It 
  • 6 p.m.: Studio Milwaukee: From the Vault performance from NPR Tiny Desk winner, Fantastic Negrito
  • 6:15-9 p.m.: Mixes from DJ Bizzon, DJ Gemini Gilly, DJ Dripsweat, DJ Lolo, Dr. B, DJ Stretch and DJ Avets 
  • 10 p.m.: A special edition of Rhythm Lab Radio
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The African American History Museum created tools to have serious discussions about race

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In these times of racial injustice and racism, it is more important than ever not to be quiet and be a bystander. We need more people to stand up and call out injustices. But to do this effectively, you need tools and education.

The National Museum of African American History & Culture has created a comprehensive web portal called Talking About Race. The portal is designed to be used by students, parents, activists, educators and individuals who care about these issues.

The National Museum of African American History & Culture|Photo credit: Alan Karchmer

From the press release

The online portal provides digital tools, online exercises, video instructions, scholarly articles and more than 100 multi-media resources tailored for educators, parents and caregivers—and individuals committed to racial equality.  

A rash of racially charged incidents—from an altercation in Central Park to acts of police brutality resulting in the deaths of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd and the protests they provoked in cities around the country—prompted the Museum to move up the release date of Talking About Race. By releasing the new portal today, the Museum aims to help individuals and communities foster constructive discussions on one of the nation’s most challenging topics:  racism, and its corrosive impact.

“The portal offers a wealth of resources to inform and guide discussions—videos, role-playing exercises, targeted questions and more, said Crew.” “We hope that people will use this site to become more comfortable about engaging in honest dialogue and self-reflection.” 

Talking About Race builds upon decades of work by the museum’s educators. It is the result of extensive research, studies, consultations, and educational resources from these fields: history, education, psychology and human development. It includes published research from leading experts, activists, historians, and thought leaders on race, equity, and inclusion, including Brené BrownKimberlé Williams CrenshawRobin DiAngeloJulie Olsen Edwards, Jerry Kang, Ibram X Kendi, Enid Lee, Audre Lorde, Beverly Daniel Tatum, Bishop Desmond Tutu, and Tim Wise. 

Phase one of the portal features eight foundational subjects including: 

  • Being Anti-Racist: a conscious decision to make frequent, consistent, equitable choices daily. 
  • Bias: the inclination or prejudice toward or against something or someone. 
  • Community Building: connecting and engaging with others doing anti-racism work and exploring issues of race. 
  • Historical Foundations of Race: how race, white privilege, and anti-blackness are woven into the very fabric of American society. 
  • Race and Racial Identity: how societies use race to establish and justify systems of power, privilege, disenfranchisement, and oppression. 
  • Self-Care: caring for one’s mental, emotional, and physical health to sustain the work of dismantling racism. 
  • Social Identities and Systems of Oppression: systems built around the ideology that some groups are superior to others. 
  • Whiteness: an ideology that reinforces power at the expense of others.  
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Revisit these positive stories from Milwaukee’s black community

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For a week straight, Americans have hit the streets to protest the death of George Floyd, the most recent unarmed black man to die at the hands of police. Calling for an end to systemic racism and disproportionate violence, protesters have marched in cities around the country — including Milwaukee — holding signs reading “Black Lives Matter” and “They Can’t Breathe.”

Today, Radio Milwaukee is standing in solidarity with those who are calling for a more just society. And we’re passing the mic to the voices that need to be heard most right now.

Teens grow greens
Teens Grow Greens, courtesy of Facebook.

Since Radio Milwaukee’s formation, we’ve been committed to sharing positive news from Milwaukee, including — in equal measure — stories from black, brown and other underrepresented communities. Here are just a few of those stories we’ve shared this year:

  • A free app helps people find and support Black-owned Milwaukee businesses.
  • A Milwaukee program aims to give Black entrepreneurs a leg up. Learn about the RISE program, created by African American Chamber of Commerce of Wisconsin.
  • Milwaukee’s poet laureate Dasha Kelly Hamilton opened a co-working space called The Retreat, dedicated to bringing Harambee residents together.
  • A dance performance exploring the N-word makes a stop in Milwaukee
  • Milwaukee Public Library has been honoring the legacy of Dr. King for 36 years and counting.
  • Teens Grow Greens helps Black teens learn about urban farming and entrepreneurship. Then, they prepare a chef dinner.
  • This Black businesswoman and chocolatier makes “Bougie Berries” fit for the most special people in your life.
  • Milwaukee Film curates an annual series of Black films, for and by the community. Meet the Milwaukee curator and learn about the program.

Community organizations and resources

Invisible Lines

In 2018, we created a web series premised on listening. We brought together 10 Milwaukeeans to discuss their firsthand experiences with prejudice and racism. The video series was eventually turned into a feature-length documentary that was screened at the Milwaukee Film Festival.

In the clip below, brothers Darren and Vedale discuss their interactions with police and security guards as biracial residents in Milwaukee. Their story offers a personal perspective of how prejudice affects them on a daily basis.

Watch the original web episode below and see how your experience compares.

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Radio Milwaukee joins music industry for ‘Black Out Tuesday’

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Today, the music industry is making a statement of solidarity in response to the death of George Floyd called “Black Out Tuesday.”

As a station, we aren’t able to turn off for the day, so we are turning up. All day, we will play nothing but Black artists, and Community Stories will share the messages of the protests happening in our city. 

At Radio Milwaukee, we work every day, to advocate for a more just and inclusive community. A community that values Black lives. And we will not stop.

88Nine building exterior
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Bay View Bash has been canceled

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The cancellation announcements continue for Milwaukee’s major outdoor festivals. The Bay View Bash became the latest festival to announce it would not take place this year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Organizers say they expect the annual September festival will return Sept. 18, 2021.

Here’s the official statement from the Bay View Neighborhood Association:

We have made the painful decision to not host this year’s Bay View Bash. Our mission is to support our community, and right now we feel the best way we can support one another is by not putting each other at risk for a potential wave two of Covid-19.

The Bash is run entirely by volunteers and all the money we raise is given back to local non-profits, schools, and hardworking groups that do so much for our community. We encourage you all if you have the ability to, please consider donating to Bay View restaurants, bars, shops, venues, salons, and gyms to help keep us strong.

Keep your eyes peeled to our page as we come up with different ideas to help raise funds for the neighborhood.

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Five creative quarantine music videos that avoid the monotony of Zoom

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While I certainly feel lucky that apps like Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams allow me and countless others working from home to stay connected with their co-workers, it definitely isn’t a total replacement for traditional means of interaction. In the same vein, this holds true for most new mainstream entertainment released during the pandemic as well.

Although the novelty of jam sessions, SNL sketches, talk shows and more presented through the lens of a video chat was fun at first, the limitations are readily apparent and more often than not just remind me what we’re missing. What is more striking to me, is how artists are embracing being stuck at home to create something unique which would be impossible or overcomplicated under normal circumstances. And music videos are perfectly suited for this.

With the initial wave of music videos produced before the pandemic having passed, a new indeterminate era of “DIY” videos has begun. Of course the aforementioned “Zoom call” format is the most prevalent but some artists have taken to the challenge of creating something which is reflective of current circumstances but stand alone as creative and fun videos in their own right which will remain entertaining long after this has passed.

The following music videos are some of the best examples so far of this new trend and hopefully inspire you to create something yourself or give yourself a chance to return to normalcy while watching something new.

Hayley Williams – “Over Yet” [Workout Video]

Hayley Williams’ debut album, “Petals For Armor”, is already a perfect album for quarantine as it deals with emotions of anger, sadness, and hope which are all seemingly universal right now in equal weight but the track “Over Yet” is easily one of the records most energetic and optimistic. In comparison to the highly produced music videos which accompany the rest of the album’s singles, Williams decided to take the upbeat song (with lyrical content which has taken a new meaning in quarantine), and transform it into a nearly four-minute workout dance.

Filmed in one take, the workout fits the song surprisingly well and not only helps you to get some physical exercise but puts you in a better mental space as well.

Soccer Mommy – “crawling in my skin” (8-Bit Music Video Tour)

As she explained on social media, Sophie Allison, better known as “Soccer Mommy”, was very much looking forward to performing songs from her new album “color theory” in front of fans before the pandemic postponed the tour. To make up for this, five virtual tour video performances were posted to her YouTube channel on May 7th with 8-bit, video game versions of her and her band performing the song “crawling in my skin” at stops in Minneapolis, Chicago, Austin and so on.

Moreover, the Soccer Mommy tour site offers downloadable versions of the band members so that fans can create their own “tour video” for their city. Implementing an even greater local touch, the site also offers options for fans within the virtual tour stops to buy her record from local record stores to support them during this time.

Rich Brian – “BALI ft. Guapdad 4000”

Rich Brian’s “BALI” video is something of an offbeat quarantine version of Drake’s viral “God’s Plan” music video. Whereas the Canadian crooner gave away $1 million worth of money and gifts to the residents of Miami, Rich Brian spends his video sending gifts to friends and fellow artists such as Thundercat and Denzel Curry via a drone air package and in turn sees them donate money to Los Angeles based hospitals, charities and families in need.

This video is clearly the most produced of this list with gorgeous drone footage of LA, but also comes with the greatest sense of community through the “pay it forward” mentality which permeates throughout the narrative. This not only helps to ground the video’s message — which is disconnected from much of the lyrics — but makes the video a timely reminder of how effective a small gesture can be.

Tame Impala – “Is It True” (Live on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert)

Although not a traditional music video and instead a “live” performance, Tame Impala’s Late Show performance of “Is It True” might as well be with its studio quality sound and simple but compelling visuals.

Given that Kevin Parker writes, records, performs and produces all of Tame Impala’s music in the studio anyways, this video is an exciting glimpse into that process. He plays bass guitar, lead guitar and sings in different outfits across three panels under flashing, technicolor lights which create the psychedelic effect of a true “one-man band — befitting of the music and Parker’s creative process.

5 Seconds of Summer – “Wildflower”

Created via a traveling green screen which went from each band member’s house and filmed on phones, 5 Seconds of Summer’s “Wildflower” music video is perhaps the most serendipitous creation to come out of quarantine.

The creative process of bringing together four completely disconnected reels of footage resulted in an opportunity to embrace the 80s/90s tone of the synth-pop song with visual noise, VHS effects and hand-drawn animations reminiscent of a classic MTV music video. Director Andy Deluca described it in an “Alternative Press” interview as a “music-video-themed music video”.

The resulting piece ditches any notion of being produced within California’s shelter-in-place order and is beautiful, nostalgic and addictive.

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