‘Girls Day’ at City Hall inspires hundreds of future Milwaukee leaders

‘Girls Day’ at City Hall inspires hundreds of future Milwaukee leaders

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Meet the ‘Boss Ladies’ bringing women entrepreneurs together in Milwaukee

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The ‘Tosa Cabin’ is being relocated—and it’s not the first time

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Volunteer attorneys and law students are partnering to provide free legal advice in Milwaukee

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The DNC will officially be in Milwaukee in 2020. What does that mean for the city?

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Photo by Jeffrey Phelps via the Fiserv Forum’s Instagram

According to the Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee could see up to $200 million in economic impact from the DNC.

The last DNC was in Philadelphia in 2016. When it was all said and done, the political “party” brought in $230.9 million to the region, according to the Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau.

That’s a lot of of money that Milwaukee could potentially see in 2020, though this total was about $120 million short of what the Democratic National Convention Committee initially projected. Some economists say it’s likely an exaggeration of the DNC’s economic benefits.

Still, the DNC brought more than 54,000 visitors to the Philly, including 5,783 convention attendees. The event brought in $132.9 million in direct convention-related spending, $11.1 million in local and state taxes and $95.8 million in labor income, according to the PHLCVB’s annual report.

Also according to them, the city saw 80,400 hotel room nights and 6,600 Airbnb nights booked during the convention.

Philly also received a lot of national media attention. The PHLCVB calculated that Philly received 26.2 million national and international media impressions through the event and brought in 19,250 media members.

Their impact report also spanned the five-county area of Philly, meaning that it impacted more than just the immediate area the convention was in.

This is good news for all of Milwaukee County, but the rest of southeastern Wisconsin too. Even Dane County will likely feel an economic boost. Wisconsin Democrats are saying that the impact of 2020 national convention in Milwaukee will likely extend to Madison.

88Nine Radio Milwaukee

Meet the women who work at 88Nine

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Kat Froehlich

“I’m Kat! I’ve been here since our launch. I’m on air 3-6 p.m. on Saturday, and I usually grab a ‘Kat filling in for ____’ shift on Sunday. I’m the the one who sends emails of encouragement to my coworkers. I’m constantly recruiting new listeners (especially contributing). I’m the one people call when they lock themselves out of the building. I’m the ruthlessly loyal one. Sarah Fierek is one of my best friends. I play songs from women who inspire me. When I’m not at 88Nine I work in the tool and die industry. I have a tiny dog named Donuts and a gigantic horse named County. I love coffee shops and crafty-artsy stuff. I’m a volunteer DJ for the WI Humane Society. I’m loud and LOUDER! Sometimes I buy dying plants because I feel sorry for them. I talk and sing all day long. I’m a girl’s girl and I’m big on women sticking up for women. This is what I do for 88Nine and in life.”

Steph Baghai

“I work in the underwriting department and help the underwriting team and Traffic Manager with any and all activities. Our underwriting team (Sarah, Kris and Carly) work with businesses and organizations that support our mission, so I help with those relationships in various capacities. I also help traffic (Doris) with reports, logs (radio scheduling for on-air messages), orders, etc.

“Every Monday, I do weekly article on a local Milwaukee release called Steph’s MKE Music Weekly Pick and talk about my choice with Ken on Thursdays after the 5 O’Clock Shadow and before 414 Live.”

Amelinda Burich

“I’m the Content Marketing Coordinator. That means sharing our team’s awesome content to as many eyes and ears as possible through meaningful interactions on social media and other channels while keeping our voice and mission. Lots of other fun stuff too, like artist interviews.”

Nicole Beilke

“I’m the Web Editor at 88Nine. I write articles for our website (like this very one you’re reading), come up with headlines and edit all the other online pieces like Community Stories and music news. If it’s on our website, I probably had something to do with it…So you have me to thank when you’re eight stories deep on our website, procrastinating other things. You’re welcome.”

Kris deFelice

“I build partnerships with the cool individuals and teams behind Milwaukee businesses and non-profits by helping bring their messages to the air and to our website. I also love helping our partners engage with our listeners and members at 88Nine events.”

Cheryl Bennett

“My title is Accounting Assistant and H.R. Manager. As the Accounting Assistant I assist the Director of Finance (Rebecca) by ensuring all daily and monthly accounting activities such as accounts payable, expense reporting, banking deposits and reconciliations are promptly entered into our accounting or bill pay system and accurately processed.

“As the H.R. Manager I facilitate payroll processing, job postings, new hire processes, compensation and benefits to also include employee perks and lunch and learns, employee handbook policy and procedural updates and disciplinary enforcement.”

Kristin Kuhrasch

“I’m in charge of Member Meetups, member web content, all customer service including all membership emails and calls, membership drive goodie fulfillment, Member Monthly email, Studio Session invites and RSVPs. And I assist with all development events (SoundBites, Fall Ball etc.), membership drives and anything else that the development team needs!”

Erin Bagatta

“As Marketing Coordinator for 88Nine, I assist in managing our email marketing program. I write and program two weekly newsletters that encompass Community Stories and both local and national music news. I concept and create 88Nine’s promotional materials and assorted graphics, as well as offer support to other departments in the areas of design, advertising and general planning. I serve as an on-site representative of Radio Milwaukee at various events throughout the city, and co-manage the station’s volunteer program, online contests and summer event marketing program.”

Laura Dyan Kezman

“I’m the Senior Video Producer here at 88Nine. Back in 2015, I was hired to develop what creating video content would mean for Radio Milwaukee, which meant thinking through what video would mean for a radio station, period.

“Since then, I’ve translated our on-air Community Stories into a weekly video series, created five separate web series under the name 88Nine Presents, a handful of short documentaries, a bunch of music-focused interviews with artists who perform on the 88Nine stage and a feature-length documentary that recently premiered at the Milwaukee Film Festival.

“I was a one-woman team until hiring Vianca Fuster in 2017. Now we’re a two-woman video team. We shoot, we edit and we produce everything you see. I’m a champion of women behind the camera–filling roles in this industry that we are largely outnumbered in–and do what I can to ensure that happens.”

Sarah Fierek

“I work as the Director of Underwriting Partnerships. I am also an on-air host Sundays 3-6 p.m. I have been with the station for 12 years. I was a first-generation college student and have been continuously striving to learn more and give back to my community. I feel like I have grown with the station both personally and professionally. I help lead our amazing and hardworking underwriting team and we work with local business owners, corporations, non-profits, agencies, etc. to align their goals with our mission.

“Whether it be building a sponsorship proposal for programs like Backline, Community Stories or 88Nine Labs or things like Radio Milwaukee Music Awards, Sound Travels or our podcasts, like Cinebuds, we work to design media plans and sponsorships for programs and events as well as general on-air or digital exposure. We help our partners align with our mission and reach a highly engaged audience in the process.”

Rebecca Steiner

“As the Finance Director, I’m responsible for the accurate and proper presentation of our Finances as a non-profit organization. That is my main focus. Additionally I oversee human resources and building operations/IT for the organization. I collaborate with the Executive Director and our leadership team on forecasting and budgeting. I work with our treasurer and finance committee and am responsible for our annual audit/tax returns and the sourcing and enrollment of employee benefits such as medical, dental, life, std, ltd and the 401K plan. I’m the main contact and support for any government grants as well.”

Maddy Riordan

“I help to coordinate events that take place at Radio Milwaukee—internal events as well as rental requests from community members and partners. I am also in charge of Radio Milwaukee’s Cultural Commons programming, including the coordination of our community-led Steering committee and quarterly events.

“Recently, I have been coordinating community screenings of our first film, ‘Invisible Lines,’ and creating discussion guides to go along with the film. I also meet with individuals and organizations to see how Radio Milwaukee can utilize internal resources to help promote the community-based work they are doing.”

Cynthia Zanow

“I’m the Development Events Coordinator. So, I am the main organizer for 88Nine’s major fundraisers, like Fall Ball, SoundBites and Vinyl Comes Alive. I also coordinate our donor stewardship events, such as Sound Judgment, Kids Disco and major donor dinners, luncheons and rooftop parties. My job is essentially twofold: 1. Raise money and 2. Create and manage experiences for our members to show them how much we value their support! (so they keep giving!)”

Sarah McClanahan

“I’m the Marketing Director. I lead the development and execution of our strategic marketing plan and manage the 88Nine brand as its represented in all areas. I oversee our SEM, digital, social and print campaigns. I manage relationships with creative partners and offer creative direction on new materials, campaigns or assets. And I also build and lead research plans to measure impact and identify new opportunities.”

Vianca Fuster

“I’m the multimedia producer here at 88Nine, which means I produce, write, direct, record and edit both the video and audio Community Stories you see and hear every week!”

Dori Zori

“I’m the morning show host. I curate music that get’s aired and create the Musical Bacon segment. Every morning I find and execute the daily music news. I’m the Promotions Manager and ‘the face of the station’ out in the community.

I get to interview bands for our Studio Milwaukee sessions and do stage intros for some national touring artists or MC and host events in the public events like for the Milwaukee Ballet, The JCC, Wisconsin Conservation Voters, Shepherd Express Awards (WON 2018 Favorite Radio Personality), Milwaukee Film Festival Opening Night Party, etc. I also work with venues in town that bring our 88Nine artists to secure promotions.”

Amber Storm

“I maintain the systems that keep track of our members and pledges. This includes tracking and entering payments, fulfilling gifts after membership drives, compiling member reports and establishing relationships with our members concerning their pledges. I assist the development team in all of their duties as well!”

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The Alliance School building’s history of Milwaukee community service goes back over 100 years

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The first haven for homeless LGBTQ youth opens in Milwaukee

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Milwaukee’s Latin hip-hop duo Browns Crew are helping to lead a ‘South Side renaissance’

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It needs a little work, but this building on MLK and Center is full of potential

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