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Char’d will bring a unique twist to Korean cuisine in Milwaukee’s Third Ward

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Char'd Korean restaurant Milwaukee, Bulgogi

Beef Bulgogi Ssam

Char’d will not be your traditional Korean restaurant.  In a sense, it will be two restaurants.  During the day, it will serve as a casual cafe that serves coffees, smoothies, noodles, salads, burgers and bowls. The lunch menu includes dishes like:

mixed greens, dried persimmon, candied pecans, goat cheese, beet slices, pomegranate seeds, walnut oil, pomegranate vinaigrette

mixed greens, fried vege dumplings, edamame, seaweed salad, red onions, beet slices, scallions, chili soy vinaigrette

ramen noodles, seafood broth, mussels, shrimp, squid, bean sprouts, serrano peppers, scallions

2 unsalted pretzel slider buns, charred beef bulgogi, scallions, pickled lotus root, spicy aioli, chard stem pickles

“Korean-Fried-Chicken” (5 pcs) crispy batter fried wings, drums, sweet and spicy garlic sauce, scallions, pickled daikon radish

potato fries, kimchi, cream fraiche, parmesan cheese, bulgogi gravy

Bulgogi Slider

In the evening, Char’d transforms into a full-service grill restaurant and bar.  They will serve tapas-style shareable plates, signature grill and ssam, a Korean dish featuring meat wrapped in leafy vegetables and accompanied by a condiment called ssamjang.

Chard is named by harmonizing perfectly charred meats meet with fresh greens (such as Swiss chard) for a nutritious balance. Our signature Grill & Ssam menu introduces interactive dining experience of searing delicious Korean BBQ meats on sizzling lava stones, so the very last bite is as delicious and fresh as the first. Enjoy our Ssam (lettuce wrap), a fun way to intake fresh spread of leafy greens with juicy meats.

The evening menu is divided into four categories: small, medium, large sizes and grill and ssam. Dishes include:

butterfly-cut marinated beef short ribs, mushrooms, leek

thinly sliced marinated pork shoulder, mushrooms, carrots, grilled shishito

raw beef, asian pear, egg yolk, caper, pine nuts, onions, chili sauce, whole grain mustard, wasabi cream, baguette

steamed tofu, multigrain, black sesame puree, chestnuts, candied pecans, whole grain mustard

chewy potato gnocchi, gochujang tomato sauce, mussels, squid, shrimp, scallop, parsley

black and white rice, kimchi, beef bulgogi, potato crunch, dried seaweed, scallions, sunny-side up egg

steamed rice wrapped in bamboo leaves, chestnut, date, lotus root, ginkgo nuts, pine nuts

Char'd, Korean restaurant, Milwaukee

Korean Gnocchi


Tofu Ramen

Tofu Ramen

Black Sesame Tofu

Black Sesame Tofu

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Boone & Crockett is back!

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Boone & Crockett will have the same old drinks, same staff and same vibe. They’ll even still have their trusty taco sidekicks (with a new name), Taco Moto.

So, besides the new building’s location, what else has changed?

Though they’ll still have their classic Boone drinks, they’re adding a few new cocktails. Here’s a sneak peak:

boone new drinks

League of Cheng, anyone?

They will also have new extended hours, “because it’s never too early for a taco and an Old Fashioned,” they say. Their new hours start tomorrow when they open at noon. After that, they’ll be opening at 12 p.m. on weekdays, at 11 a.m. on weekends and they’ll stay open ’till bar close every day.

Soon, there will be a brand new patio, though it’s still under construction for now.

And, right next door, is the The Cooperage, their new large scale event space, which opened last week.

Cheers to the new/old Boone & Crockett!


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The search is on for the best Wisconsin grilled cheese recipe

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Wisconsin grilled cheese lovers can enter their winning recipes into one of four categories for a chance to win the grilled cheese competition. The Open Class is for recipe creations without any limitations – there are no restrictions on how few or how many ingredients are used as long as it has Wisconsin cheese. For those who want to keep it simple, enter into the Classic Category with a grilled cheese recipe using just six total ingredients. The Junior Class category opens up the competition for rising chefs under the age of 18, and recipes have no restrictions. The final category is new this year – the Fan Flavorites category will allow chefs and foodies to enter a video along with their recipe.

The contest is being hosted by the Grilled Cheese Academy (yes, it exists). However, it’s not a school. It’s an institution created by the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board that’s dedicated to the deliciousness of the grilled cheese.

Grilled cheese contest

2017’s winner, the Mississippi Comeback

Last year’s grilled cheese glory was awarded to Lorie Roach of Buckatunna, MS for her Mississippi Comeback, a tasty combination that brings together Wisconsin fontina and cheddar cheeses with fried okra and the signature southern comeback sauce.

Got a recipe you think could take the cake…er, I mean, cheese? Submit your creation on the Grilled Cheese Academy website.

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Forget peanuts and Cracker Jack, Miller Park has pierogies and kale salad

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Buffalo Chicken Kettle ChipsScott Paulus/Milwaukee Brewers

Buffalo Chicken Kettle Chips

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Here are the Wisconsin semifinalists for the 2018 James Beard Awards

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88Nine’s 12 Days of Christmas Gift Guide: Day One, Gifts for foodie lovers

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Dark Side of the Spoon Cookbook, $14.99 (via Boswell Books)

Dark Side of the Spoon: The Rock Cookbook features thirty recipes inspired by some of the most renowned rock acts of today and yesteryear. The dishes are accompanied by exclusive artworks from thirty top illustrators. Catering for cooks of all abilities and tastes, this book will help you master a wide range of appetizers, entrees, and desserts–including Smashing Pumpkin Pie, Fleetwood Mac and Cheese, and Primal Bream.

However, if your special someone is more of a hip-hop fan, the writers also published a cookbook for them called Rapper’s Delight.

Dark Side of The Spoon

Holiday Caramel Assortment from Cream City Caramels, from $14.00

Cream City Caramel’s holiday assortment includes flavors like Buttered Rum, Dark Chocolate Gingerbread, Orange Cranberry Walnut, and Peppermint Bark caramels.

Cream City Caramel

Turntable Kitchen Pairings Box Subscription, $25 – $300

One of my favorite sites, Turntable Kitchen offers a food & music pairing box. A gift subscription features recipes, vinyl single, digital mixtape, and premium ingredient. They over 1, 3, 6, and 12-month subscriptions.

Turntable Kitchen pairings box

BBQ, Bourbon & Beer Bus Tour of Milwaukee, $70/person

You can’ go wrong with this gift featuring the 3B’s – BBQ, Bourbon, and Beer.  Milwaukee Food Tours offer a curated tour of some of Milwaukee’s finest BBQ establishments. Enjoy transportation, narrated fun, and enjoy three stops for BBQ, each location paired with a bourbon-inspired drink. For those that prefer to not have bourbon on this tour, we can offer craft brews or soda instead.


Col. Bill Newsome Aged Country Ham

If you have someone that loves curred meat, I highly recommend they try some authentic country ham. There is really no place in Milwaukee to get the good stuff.  You could call country ham America’s prosciutto but 100 times better.  One place you should order it from is Kentucky’s Col. Bill Newsome Aged Country Ham. The smoke, cure and aged the hams the old-fashioned way and with no chemicals. They offer many great products that will bring the taste of the south to Milwaukee. Plus a good glass of bourbon pairs very well with the ham. Check out these items:

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Von Trier to become a cocktail lounge, The Diplomat to open on Brady Street this week

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Why I’m so excited for King Crab Shack’s new Brady Street location

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The other day, Milwaukee Record reported that a second King Crab Shack will be coming to Brady Street. When I heard the news, I did a happy dance.

happy dance king crab shack

Why? Becuase it is the one of the tastiest and most fun ways you can eat seafood.  I have made the trek to the first King Crab Shack located at 3881 S. 27th St. numerous times to get some Vietnamese-Cajun seafood.  Of course, you can get traditional Vietnamese dishes from King Crab Shack, but why would you when the word “Crab” is the restaurant’s middle name.

But wait, you ask, “What is Vietnamese-Cajun seafood?” When Vietnamese immigrated to the U.S., many came to Gulf Coast states like Louisiana, and Texas. These new immigrants were introduced to dishes like crawfish boils and over time incorporated Vietnamese flavors to the traditional boil like lemongrass and ginger.

Restaurants specializing in this type of seafood started to spread throughout the south and then the rest of the country. There are chains like Hot ‘n Juicy in cities all over the country that serves spicy and aromatic shellfish.  If you interested in the history of this unique culinary tradition, check out this article from the New York Times and then watch this mini-documentary from the Southern Foodways Alliance.

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You can eat Deep Fried Mojitos and Flamin’ Hot Cheeto Tacos at Summerfest

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A new mac & cheese restaurant opening in Menomonee Falls this summer

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