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Tune in to a mini-concert with Deeper

Alexa Viscius

Though it has grown immeasurably over the last few decades, SXSW continues to offer up a whole slate of music discovery. One of the bands that's down in Austin, Texas, right now is one we've been partial to for a hot minute: Deeper.

The band, featuring vocalist Nic Gohl, drummer Shiraz Bhatti, guitarist and keyboardist Drew McBride, and bassist Kevin Fairbairn hail from Chicago. Their latest album, Careful!, is post-punk for the 21st century with a bit of a pop sensibility: "I wanted these to be interesting songs, but in a way where a 2-year-old would vibe out to it," Gohl says of the record.

Regardless of age, we think you'll dig this live performance recorded at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia.

Set list

  • "Build a Bridge"
  • "Everynight"
  • "Sub"
  • "The Knife"

This episode of World Cafe was produced and edited by Will Loftus. The web story was created by Miguel Perez. Our senior producer is Kimberly Junod. Our engineer is Chris Williams. Our programming and booking coordinator is Chelsea Johnson.