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What do we really want from Shakira?

Tim Mosenfelder
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Shakira just released her first album in seven years, Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran, and most listeners and critics have high praise. But this episode of Alt.Latino puts the record to the test.

Felix Contreras, Anamaria Sayre and NPR's Isabella Gomez Sarmiento talk about what makes a Shakira record a Shakira record, how pop artists reinvent themselves, and loving your favorite artists even if you don't always love their music.

Songs featured in this episode

  • Shakira: "Puntería"
  • Shakira: "La Fuerte"
  • Shakira: "Obtener un Si"
  • Shakira: "El Jefe"
  • Paul Simon: "You Can Call Me Al"
  • Shakira: "Cómo Dónde y Cuándo"
  • Santana: "Smooth"
  • Shakira: "Cohete"
  • Karol G, Shakira: "TQG"
  • Miles Davis: "Bitches Brew"
  • Shakira: "Monotonía"
  • Shakira: "Escondite Ingles"

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