Nathaniel Brenn

Nathaniel Brenn

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Hometown: Mequon, WI

First concert?: My first concert was Weird Al Yankovic at Summerfest back in 2000. I may or may not still know most of the words to “Albuquerque”…  

Favorite place to take a visitor in Milwaukee: I don’t think this is a fair question… how can you boil this response down to a single place when MKE has so much to offer?!? The lakefront… the festivals (all of them!)… the breweries (Lakefront, MKE, Good City, Eagle Park, Black Husky, this section could go on and on)… the museums (Milwaukee Public, Betty Brinn, Discovery World, Milwaukee Art)… the restaurants (La Merenda, Alem Ethiopian Village, everything at Sherman Phoenix! Just to name a few…). You can find something for everyone in MKE and I’m always stoked to share the good land with others!

What about you would surprise people?: At 6’4″, I am not the tallest member of my family and I did not play basketball. I love to travel and have been to 22 countries. My wife and I recently had our first kid but I also have 15 nephews/nieces!

Your favorite artist of all time?: This is a really tough question as well… listening to 88Nine the past couple of years has helped me discover and expand what music and artists I listen to on the regular but, if I had to choose one artist, I’d go with Guster… I’ve definitely seen them in concert more than any other band.

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