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On First Listen: Troye Sivan, ‘Got Me Started’

The flow of new music is constant and occasionally overwhelming. On First Listen helps you (and us) keep up by sharing our initial reactions to the latest releases.

The anticipation had been building for weeks as Australian singer-songwriter Troye Sivan teased fans with a tantalizing snippet of his second single, “Got Me Started” on TikTok.


Got Me Started. pre-save now 🤲

♬ Got Me Started - Troye Sivan

I was instantly captivated.

Then, when the sultry pop song dropped Wednesday, my expectations were not only met, but exceeded. Sivan seamlessly incorporated a sample from Bag Raiders' viral sensation “Shooting Stars,” elevating the track to an entirely new realm.

In this scorching hot-pop jam, Sivan embarks on a journey to intensify the connection with his lover, aiming to push the boundaries of passion to new heights. In a recent interview with Coup De Main, Sivan gave insight to the lyrics:

Boy, can I be honest?
Kinda miss usin' my body
F—k it up just like this party did tonight

“I thought I was emotionally dead, and I didn’t really feel anything for a while,” he said. “I hadn’t wanted to take anyone home or anything like that. I was just not in that zone at all. And then finally I met someone, It was the tiniest little spark, but it was enough for me — like, ‘OMG I am not dead.’”

Alongside the release of the track came a mesmerizing music video filmed in Bangkok. Featuring impeccably synchronized choreography, it complemented the song beautifully and added another level of artistic expression.

Sivan's multifaceted talent has solidified his position as a triple threat in the world of pop music, bringing him closer to true stardom. You can hear and see it in this song, and it will certainly be there in even greater quantities on his third studio album, Something to Give Each Other, out Oct. 13 via Capitol Records.

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