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Add of the Week: Dua Saleh, 'daylight falls'

Dua Saleh, the talented Sudanese-American artist, made a significant impact in 2022 with their debut album Crossover and gained recognition for their songwriting contribution to Travis Scott's UTOPIA track, "My Eyes," released this year.

Their most recent single, "daylight falls," establishes a serene atmosphere with gentle guitar strumming in the background, gradually evolving into an emotionally charged, emo sound. As the music's intensity recedes, Saleh's comforting presence shines through, offering support and solace to those feeling isolated. With compassion in their voice, they sing, "If I need, you find me." The video is simple yet compelling, drawing viewers in.

Saleh's new single is a prime example of an artist utilizing their platform for more than their art. Through "daylight falls," they're encouraging listeners to consider supporting the people in their homeland of Sudan, where an ongoing civil war delivers hardships on a daily basis. Saleh has partnered with the Darfur Women’s Action Group, a nonprofit organization that works to empower and support survivors of the Darfur genocide, both in Sudan and in the diaspora.

Enjoy the track and the amazing video directed by Braden Lee embedded at the top of the page.

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