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The Contenders, Vol. 7: The songs we can't stop playing this week

Chandler Kennedy
Courtesy of the artist

This week on the show we pause to update our running list of the year's best songs, with a profoundly moving story from Pedro The Lion all about art and beauty and the dreams that drive us. We've also got a classic Cuban piano piece from Dánae Olano, thunderous shoegaze from Wisp, a polyrhythmic cover of Celia Cruz's "Bemba Colorá" from Sheila E. and more.

Alt.Latino host Felix Contreras joins host Robin Hilton to share the songs they can't stop playing this week.

Featured artists and songs

  1. Pedro The Lion: "Modesto" from Santa Cruz
  2. Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti & Frank Rosaly: "Destejer" from Mestizx
  3. Sheila E.: "Bemba Colorá (feat. Gloria Estefan)" from Bailar
  4. Lizzy McAlpine: "I Guess" from Older
  5. Dánae Olano: "Danzón para la abuela" from Children's Corner
  6. Wisp: "Pandora" from Pandora