Partner Spotlight – Life Navigators

Partner Spotlight – Life Navigators

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We have awesome partners who help support our mission.

We wanted to shine the spotlight this month on local non-profit, Life Navigators.

Read below to find out about this organization and what song they can’t stop listening to!

88Nine Radio Milwaukee

Life Navigators consumer Cindy with Executive Director Vicki Wachniak [far right] and her son John Ryan enjoying their 2015 Evening with the Milwaukee Admirals outing

Vicki Wachniak, Executive Director of Life Navigators, shares with us her passion for the work the organization is doing in the community.

1. What is one song you can’t stop listening to?

Rather than highlighting one particular song; on the weekends my family and I always enjoy listening to Bob Marley, U2 and Dave Matthews!

2. What are you most passionate about in regards to what is happening in our community and what is Life Navigators doing for the community?

Life Navigators is passionate about providing opportunities for individuals with disabilities to actively participate in our community. One of the ways we continually work towards this goal is through our partnership with the Disabilities Workforce Collaborative. This collective group of nonprofit organizations is focused on increasing the workforce participation among individuals with disabilities throughout the Milwaukee community. By joining efforts and expertise, we are able to act as a collective and connecting resource for both employers and people with disabilities. As part of this vision, we recently hosted one of the Greater Milwaukee Foundation’s On the Table conversation focusing on building a more diverse workforce, inclusive of individuals with disabilities. We believe that when individuals with disabilities are able to live, work and volunteer in our community, it truly is a better place for all.

Life Navigators’ Women’s Group at a 2015 88Nine tour and concert

3. How did Life Navigators get started and what is in store for 2017/2018, etc.?

Life Navigators was founded in 1949 by a group of parents who were committed to developing programs and educational opportunities for their kids with intellectual and developmental disabilities. They believed that individuals with disabilities could be engaged and contributing members of our community when provided with the right opportunities and support.

Since our inception, the number of individuals seeking help has continued to grow, and we recently realized that we had outgrown our current space. We built a major addition on to our building at 72nd and Center Street. Our new building was introduced to the community this June, and we are excited for this new opportunity to increase our impact in the Milwaukee disability community. Through this project, 850 additional individuals with disabilities and their families will be served over the next three years, allowing for individuals with the greatest needs to live, work and fully contribute to our community.

Life Navigators’ friends at Project STRIVE who love volunteering out in the community

4. Why do you choose to support 88Nine?

Radio Milwaukee has done amazing work in supporting and promoting initiatives that contribute to a better quality of life for all. 88Nine’s vision of an engaged and inclusive community directly aligns with our mission of empowering kids and adults with disabilities to be active and connected. Radio Milwaukee is a true community partner and we love the positive feedback we always receive when Life Navigators is featured or promoted on 88Nine – it is such a perfect way for us to share our message and promote the positive impact persons with disabilities have when they are provided with opportunities.

Life Navigators consumers Diana, Roger, Cindy and Daire at their 2017 Challenger Event Honoree Photo Shoot