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Partner Spotlight: Lowlands Grand Cafes

Alan Herzberg

Each month we celebrate a local business or organization that supports Radio Milwaukee. This month, we chat with Lowland Grand Cafés.

Hi, what is your name and title at Lowlands Grand Cafés?

Dan Herwig, Director of Brand & Marketing at Lowlands Grand Cafés.

Dan Herwig

What is one song you can't stop listening to and why?

Lately it has been "Turnmills" by Maribou State, a British electronic duo. I get the melody stuck in my head constantly and the only cure for that is to play it, right?

What are you passionate about in regards to our community and what is Lowlands Grand Cafés doing for the community?

I think Milwaukee is finally having its moment in the sun and we're all dropping the old preconceptions of what Milwaukee is — and what it could be. There's a much broader and more worldly perspective taking root, especially in the youth of the city.

At the Lowlands Group, our whole reason for getting out of bed each morning is completely driven by bringing experiences we find in our travels back home to Milwaukee with us to share with our local community. It's why we do things like sponsor multiple bike teams and races in the area and host European brewers at special events throughout the year—it's an attempt to open up Milwaukee to a more global point of view. That's something we share with 88Nine, I believe.

How did Lowlands Grand Cafés get started and what are some highlights from 2019 and what's in store for 2020?

We opened our first Café Hollander in 2006 on the East Side, and have added a few new concepts and locations over the years. Last year, we completely renovated our location in Bay View and reopened it as Centraal Grand Café & Tappery.

Centraal Grand Café & Tappery

We also launched the hugely popular Lux Domes on the roof of Café Benelux in the Third Ward. For 2020, we're opening a new concept in the Tosa Village called Buckatabon, which is a Tavern and Supper Club inspired by the multi-generational family restaurants of Wisconsin's Northwoods.

Why do you chose to support 88Nine?

We choose to support 88Nine because we feel like it's an organization that is breaking down long-seated cultural barriers within the city while at the same time, exposing the city to something new every time you turn on the dial. It's a force of good in our city and something that we're proud to support here at Lowlands Group.