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Partner Spotlight: Rev Pop

Name, Title & Organization you are representing:

Scott Starr - Principal and Creative Director at Rev Pop

One song you can’t stop listening to:

Right now it's an entire album on repeat - The Brian Jonestown Massacre "Don't Get Lost."

What are you most passionate about in regards to what is happening in our community and what is RevPop doing for the community?

What drove me to Milwaukee 11 years ago continues to keep me here. Make some noise and someone's going to hear. I love the size and connectivity. It's a difficult place to get lost in but it's great to see familiar faces everywhere you go. Milwaukee has a vibe where everyone's working together rather than trying to climb up and over each other to get to the top.

If you're doing good work, people will notice and you'll be on top with friends alike. It's inspiring to see businesses, that could otherwise compete, collaborate and make things happen together to bring more culture, activism, and engagement to the community. We work closely with a lot of these businesses and brands. Our relationship with Milwaukee is deeply rooted within our clientele. If we can make them look good, we're doing something good for Milwaukee as well.

How did RevPop get started and what is in store for 2017?

I moved to Milwaukee and started Rev Pop in 2006 after spending a couple years in Chicago at Draft FCB. I've always enjoyed working one on one with clients, and working for a large agency doesn't always grant enough opportunities to hear a client's voice and work through problems in person. Rev Pop was my way of bringing big agency experience into a boutique environment with just little attitude on top. Our aesthetic is unique to the culture we've built around our own brand and its subsidiaries.

We have a print shop called Copy Copy Cats and a media and marketing company called Press n Release. Everything here is fueled by the talent we have in the studio. We're writers, rollerskaters, we're in bands, and we have a botanist. Creativity comes in spectrums. It's really easy to hire a designer — it's much more methodical to adopt a team player and a friend. Our workspace is our second home. The feel of an office should speak to the culture you build around your brand, but most importantly your people.

So we try our best to throw inspiration around our space. We broadcast ourselves as imperfect human beings that will burn the midnight oil to get it right. We want to design and tell stories. In every capacity. We do what we love every day. And we think that's pretty cool. Goals are great to have, but if Rev Pop remains the same as it is now in 10 years time, I'd be more than satisfied.

Why do you choose to support 88Nine?

Good radio is hard to find. The fact that we have a station in Milwaukee like 88Nine is a gift that would change our daily lives if it were taken away. For the community benefits, the attention to local development, and most importantly the music. We'll always be fans.