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Jen Ellis

Creative Marketing Manager

Chicago, IL

First concert:
Metallica Summer Sanitarium Tour in 2000.

Something no one in the office knows about you:
I love to thrift and go to antique shops. I seek out new places to go every weekend and find gems. It’s so fun to find neat tchotchkes that tell a story.

Favorite place to take a visitor in Milwaukee:
I’m fairly new to Milwaukee, but I can’t stop going to La Casa de Alberto and Café India in Bay View.

How/why you got into radio:
When I graduated from college, a local radio station was hiring for a receptionist, and I got the job! The job was so much fun, and I got to listen to music, which I am so passionate about. I stayed in the industry and grew my career from there.

Comfort drink:
Iced chai tea latte.

Favorite movie:
E.T. the Extra Terrestrial or any ’80s movie.