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Nate Imig

Director of Digital Content (he/him)


First concert:
My first concert was a 7th grade date, which means it was exactly as awkward as you’d expect. Summerfest, 1998. Destiny’s Child opening up for Boyz II Men. Peak awkward phase.

Favorite place to take a visitor in Milwaukee:
Conejito’s Place on 6th and Virginia. It’s always the same: paper plates, “chopped meat” tacos, neon margaritas flowing from plastic jugs, plus an amazing old jukebox. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to clap along to the two-minute birthday song they play for people.

Best part of working at Radio Milwaukee:
Answering the phones during the membership drives. The atmosphere is so fun, and the support we get from listeners is overwhelming and humbling. It’s really a privilege to be able to thank members on the air, especially new ones.

Comfort food:
Conejitos, basically.