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The Cinebuds get (summer) campy

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Every week, Kristopher Pollard from Milwaukee Film and Radio Milwaukee’s Dori Zori talk about movies — because that’s what you do when you’re Cinebuds.

As we sink into summertime vibes this week, it seems like the perfect time to talk about SUMMER CAMP movies!

Yes, that American right of passage in which you leave the comfort of your parents' house and sleep in bug-infested cots for a week with no air conditioning while quickly forming tons of friendships. And, for the older campers, hijinks. Just tons and tons of hijinks.

From hijinks at camp to horror at camp to some light satire of camp, we talk about it all in this episode. I think it's high time we brought back the summer camp films. It's been a while since we've had a good one. I'm sure this podcast will change all of that. Listen up, tastemakers!!!

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