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From Oakland Gyros booth to musical breakthrough with Gego y Nony

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Two men wearing baseball hats and casual clothing talk into a handheld microphone while sitting in a booth at a diner.
Salam Fatayer
Gego y Nony became regulars at Oakland Gyro long before they broke through in Milwaukee's music scene.

Throughout the month of July, Uniquely Milwaukee shined a well-deserved spotlight on the unsung heroes of our city: the loyal regulars who not only frequent our bars, restaurants and museums, but also play a vital role in keeping everything running smoothly.

This week, as we draw our series to a close, I sit down with Milwaukee's Gego y Nony — a duo best known throughout the city for the Reggaeton / Latin urban sound they bring to the stage. But they’re also extremely well-known at one particular location in Milwaukee: Oakland Gyros.

Gego y Nony’s musical journey is steeped in rich family history stretching back to their grandparents, who were talented percussionists performing for prominent salsa groups in Puerto Rico. But it took a life-changing event to bring the pair to Milwaukee.

Gego was born with conjoined fingers, a condition that required specialized medical attention. The family opted for a corrective procedure that ultimately led them to the city’s South Side, where they found solace and a warm welcome.

The same could be said about the East Side spot that became a cherished staple for the talented duo. Oakland Gyros, nestled on Oakland Avenue, was conveniently situated for Gego y Nony as they attended Riverside High School. For our captivating interview, they settled into a window booth and shared their heartfelt connection with the Milwaukee eatery, reminiscing about favorite moments that left a mark on their journey as musicians in the city’s rapidly growing Latin urban scene.

Two men look at a diner menu mounted above the counter while another man in a work uniform take their order.
Salam Fatayer

You can hear those experiences using the player at the top of the page or wherever you get your podcasts, and relive our full month of Milwaukee Regulars:

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