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Radio Milwaukee remains committed to addressing assault in local music scene

Radio Milwaukee Survey

Radio Milwaukee aspires to build a diverse and inclusive community through amplification of music and stories, including giving local artists a bigger stage on which to stand. While Radio Milwaukee has always prided itself on its support of local artists, we also need to acknowledge the negative impact (trauma and violence) that power and fame can create if there is no accountability. While we’re not experts in trauma or violence, we acknowledge our influence among artists and want to use our strength for good. We have made a conscious choice to stop playing the music of artists that have a known history of these allegations and understand that when we elevate artists, there comes a responsibility to make sure these artists are reflective of the values of our community, our station and our supporters. Moving forward, here’s what we plan to do differently and better: 

  • Along with our board of directors, we will be developing an 88Nine Radio Milwaukee Statement of Character that will be part of our vetting process when we decide to work with and promote artists.  
  • We will be re-imagining our Radio Milwaukee awards.
  • We have connected with victims of sexual and domestic violence within the industry who have bravely agreed to share their insights with us. With this, we will rethink and reshape our programs in alignment with a higher code of conduct for artists with whom we work.

We’re listening and we want to own our role in creating a better, more inclusive Milwaukee. We see an opportunity today to be a connector and have some influence in solving an issue plaguing the artistic community.