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Ana Tijoux kicks off the debut episode of 'La Alternativa'

After meticulous planning and countless late-night discussions with amazing humans, we proudly present the inaugural episode of La Alternativa.

Our mission is to spotlight diverse sounds and talents impacting lives on a global scale, introduce audiences to fresh musical styles, and highlight Latinx musicians who make a difference. From Riverside, Calif., to Brazil's favelas, La Alternativa promises a sonic and linguistic journey, featuring music in Spanish, English, Portuguese and beyond. Despite billions of streams, many Latinx artists go unheard, and we'll strive to change that.

Our premiere features new music from Hermanos Gutierrez, Ivan Cornejo and J Noa, as well as artists from our base, including Milwaukee's Klan414 and REYNA. The episode opens with Ana Tijoux, a French-born Chilean rapper whose parents fled Chile's '70s-era dictatorship for France. But she returned in the '90s to hone her skills with the groundbreaking hip-hop group Makiza, becoming a South American star.

Today, Tijoux's solo career has cemented her legacy as an iconic Latina rapper. Her latest project, Vida, is a captivating masterpiece that includes standout track (and my personal favorite) "Niñx." Relive the episode here, and make sure to tune in live every Sunday at 5 p.m. on 88Nine and 10 p.m. on HYFIN.

Episode playlist

  • Ana Tijoux, "Niñx"
  • El Búho, "Cenizas de Agua" (feat. Nita)
  • RaiNao, "navel point"
  • CLUBZ & Little Jesus, "Fútbol Rock"
  • Hermanos Gutiérrez, "Low Sun"
  • Klan414, "Enamora2"
  • Noa Sainz, "Azul"
  • J Noa, "Era De Cristal"
  • Ivan Cornejo, "Baby Please"
  • Sofía Valdés, "Midnight Freak-Out"
  • REYNA, "Good Time"
  • Danny Schiller, "Metamorphosis" (feat. Ambar Lucid)
  • Girl Ultra, "oggy"
  • Jarina De Marco & Lido Pimienta, "Daiquiri"
  • Reyna Tropical, "Ya Va Pasar"
  • Los Aptos, "Botellas"
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