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Rafa Pabón journeys to Africa on the groundbreaking 'Aiwo'

On this episode, I was excited to share the irresistible rhythms of Aiwo by Rafa Pabón. Hailing from Carolina, Puerto Rico, Pabón transcends the boundaries of traditional rap, emerging as a profound storyteller who captures the essence of the streets while seamlessly blending rap, reggaetón and an array of musical influences. His works echo tales of resilience, societal introspection and personal triumphs.

Aiwo is a genre-defying masterpiece that seamlessly melds ancestral rhythms, global experiences and Afrobeat melodies. In the official video, Pabön offers a breathtaking glimpse into the vibrant culture of Uganda, transporting listeners to beautiful sites, people, and culture. You can also dive into the #AiwoChallenge on Instagram or TikTok to showcase your dance moves.

Tune in to La Alternativa for a curated lineup of both emerging and legendary artists at 5 p.m. every Sunday on 88Nine, and catch the encore presentation on HYFIN at 10 p.m. Experience the full show using the player on this page, and explore the episode playlist below for a map of this musical journey.

Episode playlist

  • Rafa Pabón, “Aiwo”
  • Letón Pé & Ana Macebo, “Bailo Pa Mi”
  • Humbe, “Bien Hecho”
  • Cancamusa, “Sin Miedo a la Profundida”
  • Lunalé, “Amor Barato” (Feat. Isla de Caras)
  • Mitú & Loyal Lobos, “CACHITO”
  • Miranda del Sol, “aguardiente”
  • Olivia Garcia, “Desastre”
  • Yahritza Y Su Ensencia, “Tu Cárcel”
  • Rey-N-Raey, “El Callejón”
  • Ralphy Dreamz, “Quien de Ustedes”
  • The Change, “tranqui :)”
  • Empress Of & Rina Sawayama, “Kiss Me”
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