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Song Chest Radio Hour
1st Sunday of the month, 5 to 6 p.m.

Welcome to the Song Chest Radio Hour, hosted by Justin Vernon. Go ahead and settle in. We are going to try and spread some love, joy and acceptance through playing some songs you love and enjoy. We’ll do some reading. We’ll do some chatting. And we’ll do some singing along as well. It’s the beginning of a long journey; thanks for coming along with us.

  • Track Listing: 00:00 - "Babyfather”, Sade05:40 - "Lovin' The Easy Way", Dobie Gray09:01 - "I Can't Give Up", Lee Williams & The Spiritual QC's15:34 - "Waterbound", Dirk Powell19:20 - "Jim Cain", Bill Callahan24:11 - "Strange Overtones", David Byrne & Brian Eno30:18 - "Pusher Love Girl", Justin Timberlake39:00 - "Why Don't We Just Dance", Josh Turner42:48 - "Come September", AnaÏs Mitchell46:47 - "Phone Down", Erykah Badu52:11 - "This Woman's Work", Maxwell56:52 - "Twice", Little Dragon Listen to full episode :
  • Track Listing: 00:00 - "At My Window", Townes Van Zandt04:33 - "What Would I Do Without You?", Ray Charles07:54 - "Baltimore", Nina Simone12:41 - “I Think It's Going To Rain Today", Nina Simone17:38 - "lovers' carvings", Bibio22:41 - "They Can Run", Ticonderoga27:17 - "Boy From School", Hot Chip33:28 - “As I Roved Out", Sam Amidon37:38 - "Sitting by the River", Amanda Bergman41:37 - "Fire Lake", Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band46:00 - "Friendship", Pops Staples51:24 - "Mahogany Dread", Hiss Golden Messenger55:55 - "I Bid You Goodnight", Aaron Neville Listen to full episode :
  • Track Listing: 00:00 - "Sign On the Window”, Bob Dylan05:21 - “Lay Down Your Weary Tune”, Bob Dylan10:57 - “Most of the Time”, Bob Dylan16:56 - “Moonshiner”, Bob Dylan22:45 - “Shooting Star”, Bob Dylan27:33 - “Day of the Locusts”, Bob Dylan32:12 - “Only a Hobo”, Bob Dylan 36:07 - “Shot of Love”, Bob Dylan 41:06 - “When He Returns”, Bob Dylan46:05 - “Not Dark Yet”, Bob Dylan52:57 - “Angelina”, Bob Dylan Listen to full episode :
  • Track Listing: 00:00 - "Wake Up Everybody”, Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes ft. Teddy Pendergrass05:06 - “Riderz”, Hudson Mohawke07:53 - “Strange Kind of Mirror”, Birds & Batteries13:15 - “I Won't Crumble with You If You Fall”, Bernice Johnson Reagon 16:37 - “Hands on the Wheel”, Willie Nelson 22:16 - “Calgon for Hetfield”, Happy Apple 29:52 - “Boliviana”, Ibrahim Ferrer 34:17 - “Major Leagues”, Pavement 38:42 - “The Horses”, Rickie Lee Jones 44:20 - “The Valley (The Town and The City)”, Los Lobos 49:14 - “You Send Me”, Aretha Franklin 52:13 - “Hard to Find”, The National 56:33 - “Sitting Still Moving Still Staring Outlooking”, His Name Is Alive 56:55 - “Loneliness” by Mary Oliver 58:05 - “I’m Not the River” by Mary Oliver Listen to full episode :
  • Track Listing: 00:50 - "Drive Like I Never Been Hurt", Ry Cooder04:58 - "Serpentine Fire", Earth, Wind & Fire09:22 - “Gladly”, Tirzah14:03 - "Hate It When You Leave", Keith Richards20:05 - "Short Road", Wax Stag25:00 - "He Got You", Ronnie Milsap28:57 - "I Want to Be Your Man", Zapp & Roger33:45 - "Me & Magdalena", The Monkees38:38 - "Hana", Joni Mitchell43:39 - "Black Star", Gillian Welch and David Rawlings51:45 - "Jupiter", Jenny Hval56:50 - "Countless Lives Inhabit Us" by Fernando Pessoa, translated by Richard Zenith Listen to full episode :
  • Track Listing: 00:00 - “Alma, Corazón y Vida”, Frankie Reyes03:03 - “Giving Up”, Whitney07:10 - “iT”, Christine and the Queens11:33 - “Every Day I Ran (Bonus Track)”, James Blake15:56 - “Oh No”, Pharoahe Monch19:52 - “Work That”, Mary J. Blige24:15 - “High Together”, Siriusmo29:01 - “Confirmation”, Westerman32:55 - “Wreck Me”, Charley Crockett36:05 - “White Foxes”, Susanne Sundfør41:15 - “Yo La Abner Cross”, Justin Vernon (Abner Jay + Yo La Tengo mashup)46:26 - “In Another Life”, Sandro Perri Listen to full episode :
  • Track Listing: 00:00 - “Born to Be With You”, The Chordettes03:47 - “Do You Believe”, Supreme Jubilees09:00 - “Man 'O' War”, Prince14:34 - “Archangel”, Burial19:06 - “Memo to My Son”, Randy Newman22:07 - “Juke Box Fury”, Rickie Lee Jones27:24 - “Lovin’ The Easy Way”, Dobie Gray30:40 - “Here I Come”, CocoRosie35:27 - “Fun”, Collections of Colonies of Bees40:19 - “Infinity”, Don Williams45:30 - “Cast The First Stone”, Graceland McCollough Tigers52:17 - “In Reverse”, The War On Drugs52:32 - “Wild Geese” by Mary Oliver Listen to full episode :
  • Track Listing: 00:00 - “Black Nails”, Tierra Whack02:27 - “Shake 'Em on Down”, Mississippi Fred McDowell06:05 - “High & Low”, Lindstrøm & Christabelle11:54 - “What Becomes of the Brokenhearted”, Jimmy Ruffin15:55 - “Open Your Eyes”, Bobby Caldwell20:00 - “Bless the Telephone”, Labi Siffre22:22 - “Hammond Song”, The Roches28:53 - “Smoky Mountain Memories”, Dolly Parton35:06 - “Jesus Be a Fence Around Me”, Sam Cooke37:50 - “Untitled #9”, Nuno Canavarro40:55 - “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”, The Beach Boys42:47 - “four ethers”, serpentwithfeet47:14 - “Eshten Charlyyry Berge”, Huun-Huur-Tu48:00 - “Aunt Mabel” by Michael Perry54:49 - “The End of the Innocence”, Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, Shawn Colvin, Bruce Hornsby, & David Lindley Listen to full episode :
  • Track Listing:00:00 - “The New American Apathy”, Mazarin03:45 - “These Are They”, Mahalia Jackson07:02 - Bayou Maharajah clip 09:36 - “On the Sunny Side of the Street”, James Booker13:20 - “The Past Tense”, infinite bisous17:33 - “Belong”, Phil Cook21:38 - “Billy Jack”, Curtis Mayfield28:29 - “Shook Ones (Part II)”, Mobb Deep33:40 - “Right Down the Line”, Gerry Rafferty38:56 - “Archie, Marry Me” (Alvvays cover), Flyte41:54 - “MPB (Missin' Persons Bureau) (Frankie Knuckles Paradise Ballroom Remix)”, Womack & Womack49:50 - Selections from “One Heart” by Franz Wright49:50 - “Small Hours”, John Martyn Listen to full episode :