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State of Sound: DarylAnne

A woman in a long flower-print skirt stands in the middle of a stage while holding a microphone on a stand as a man plays electric bass on one side of her and a man sings into handheld microphone on the other.
Jen Ellis

DarylAnne wasted no time putting the all-caps S-O-U-L into this episode of State of Sound. On the very first song of her set, backed by flamenco-esque acoustic guitar, the Milwaukee neo-soul artist sent ripples through the room with a vocal performance that went from hushed heartbreak to overpowering outrage.

Her voice set the mood throughout as she gave us a sneak preview of the deluxe edition of her most recent album, Can't Stay Here, and talked about her musical family (her mom sung in an '80s cover band), getting a helpful push into recording by a fellow Milwaukee artist and the colorful list of jobs she's held down while pursuing music.

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