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State of Sound: Moonglow

Jen Ellis

Despite launching State of Sound back in May, we had yet to welcome a band wearing completely matching outfits — until this episode. Moonglow stepped on stage looking very sharp and very together, and then put on a performance to match.

Isaac Repinski (guitar), Joe Humiston (vocals, piano), Sterling Dorsey (drums), Brent Gastrau (bass) and Tyler Kraft (saxophone) switched gears from smooth to spirited with ease throughout their set and within individual songs. You can hear the whole thing using the "Listen" button at the top of the page and learn more about Moonglow via their Linktree.

Special thanks to our sponsor, Broken Bat Brewing Company, as well as our two community partners for this episode: the River Revitalization Foundation and the Humane Animal Welfare Society. Learn more about them at and

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