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State of Sound: Orlando Peña & The Midnight Purchase

Kenny Perez

Being a local musician — one truly committed to the endeavor — means not sitting still for very long. You might see someone playing with a certain group one night, bouncing to a different group not to long after and then ping-ponging like that as they go along.

Orlando Peña & The Midnight Purchase are a good example of that dynamic. Depending on the gig, you'll find Peña playing solo, a two-man setup or — in the case of this State of Sound episode — the full experience. And this one definitely was an experience.

The band dialed up the energy from the jump, filling out their Americana/soul folk sound with rollicking guitars and piano playing off Peña's passionate vocals. It was a set that perfectly illustrated the benefit of experiencing State of Sound live at our Walker's Point studios, although listening to it here isn't half-bad either.

Check out what Orlando Peña & The Midnight Purchase have coming up next on the band's website, listen to them on Spotify, and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

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