Stephanie Baghai

Stephanie Baghai

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Stephanie Baghai

Los Angeles

First Concert:
My mom took me to see Olodum for my 12th birthday at the Hollywood Bowl. We made our way to the front and they brought me up on stage with some other kids. We got to play drums for a song – it was very memorable.

What do you like most about Milwaukee?
The summer and fall – with all the street festivals and events. Everyone’s always out having a good time. You can go out and chat with so many people, visitors and locals alike. I think that has a lot to say about the people here as well. It’s rare to find a city with so many genuine, friendly people and I admire that. 

Going to shows and festivals, biking (especially in Fall), and traveling.

Ideal Saturday night? 
Going to a show with friends. 

88Nine Radio Milwaukee
Accounts Receivable & Traffic Coordinator