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What you're ACTUALLY doing </br>at work this week

Some call it wasting company time while pretending to work. Some call it multitasking.

Regardless, let’s be honest, no one is working this week. Even if you're  at work.

It's understandable. Take a hard look at the calendar. Now let the reality set in that you have just a couple short days to finish your holiday shopping. Or start your holiday shopping.

And while sending out holiday cards may have been an ambitious feat to begin with, let begin the internal reconciling that no one will receive them on time. Everyone enjoys a holiday card straggler the week after, right?
We get it. Life is busy and Christmas falls mid-week this year. Between the excitement of celebratory activities and finishing the tasks that will make you feel actually prepared for the holidays, like the high-functioning adult that you are, compromises must be made this week.

It’s time to come clean. While many of us may physically be in the office this week, the actual work being done is open for interpretation.

Allow us to provide a few examples:


1. Finishing your holiday shopping.

We see all those tabs open and we’re onto you.




2. Frantically pressing Command+ H every time you think your boss is behind you.

Sometimes you do a few practice drills to make sure your keyboard reflexes remain in top form. AMAZON SHOPPING CART TO EXCEL SPREADSHEET IN 0.54 SECONDS.




3. Taking long lunches.

Because who is really going to notice anyway.



4. Wrapping presents under your desk.

Only executed by the most stealthy wrappers, driven by impressive procrastination.




5. Writing your holiday cards instead of taking notes during a meeting.

Lots or head-nodding and engaged facial expressions and no one will notice.


Given that the above examples are inspired by our own staff here at 88Nine, this post is written with no judgment.

Happy holidays!