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Milwaukee's first cider bar is officially open

Everybody loves cider.

...and if you say you don't, well, I probably won't believe you.

Regardless, with the hot summer months starting, what makes more sense than a cider bar?

Yesterday, Lost Valley Cider Co. became the answer to our prayers.

Just steps away from the Iron Horse Hotel, this new cider bar features over twenty ciders on tap, delicious cider-inspired cocktails and spirits, a retail area to take your favorite cider to-go and, not to mention, patio seating out front to enjoy a cool cider on a hot summer day.

But maybe you're thinking:

"Twenty ciders on tap? Where do I begin?"

We swung by the grand opening yesterday to try 'em out, here are a few of our favorites:

Looking for something sweet? Try:

-Mershon's Artisan Cider, Stoughton, WI

New to cider? We recommend this one... and we actually had a hard time believing this, in fact, contained alcohol. Made with wildflower honey, this cider is sweet and easy-to-drink, almost like a refreshing apple juice.

Looking for something dry? Try:

-Aeppel Treow Kinglet Bitter, Burlington, WI

Tasting more like a dry wine, this cider is pleasantly bittersweet with almost lemon undertones. Starting off crisp, this cider made from heirloom cider apples has a nice, subtle and sweet aftertaste we loved.

Looking for something pear? Try:

-Aeppel Treow Oriole Perry, Burlington, WI

Not an apple fan? This pear cider (made from 100% pear, mind you!) is light and flowery without being your typical sweet pear cider. This cider got a favorite from our taster Maxie.

Looking for something unique? Try: 

-Uncle John's Apple Blueberry, Michigan

Bright blue and super flavorful, this cider is definitely the loudest of all on tap. Blending apples and blueberries, this cider tastes like drinking a jolly rancher; great as a "dessert cider" after a big meal.

Lost Valley Cider Co. is located at 408 W. Florida in Walker's Point. Open 7 days a week, the bar opens weekdays at 3 pm and weekends at noon. For more information, visit their website

Special thanks to Maxie Eckermann and Luke Krajcik for their cider-sipping expertise.