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Quick and Easy Wisconsin Primary Election Voting Guide

Today's election (August 9) is a primary election. It includes representatives running for positions on U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, State Senate and Assembly District. Read below for links to candidates, helpful sites and resources.
This site outlines every candidate that is running in each category. Click here for helpful information about finding your polling location, ballot and registration.

You need an ID to vote! Just bring a driver's license, military ID, passport or Wisconsin State ID. The video below gives info about how to get a state ID for free. Click here for more details about voting in Wisconsin with an ID. After the ruling on July 19, Wisconsin voters are allowed to use an affidavit to confirm their identity when voting. For today, though, an official Wisconsin ID is required (Partisan Primary). However, an affidavit can be used in November for vote for U.S. President (General Election).

Here are some links to better clarify:

U.S. Senate Candidates

Phillip N. Anderson
Russ Feingold
Scott HarbachRon Johnson (Incumbent)

U.S. Representative, State Senate and Assembly District vary depending on your current address. Use this tool to get your specific races and candidates.

Remember you can only vote for candidates of one party in the primary. Polls close at 8pm.