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Milwaukee Blacksmith forges a new series on the History Channel

Milwaukee Blacksmith

If you have cable or access to cable, you can watch the premiere of a new show called "Milwaukee Blacksmith" tomorrow (8/23/16) on the History Channel. Named after the actual business name, the show follows Kent Knapp and his family making a living from the art of metalworking. There will 10 30-minute episodes in the first season on the History Channel.

Milwaukee Blacksmith is located in the Third Ward in a warehouse just off Erie Street.  Their projects range from beer bottle openers to 6-foot tall ornate fixtures commissioned for some of Milwaukee’s most historic buildings. You can learn more about Knapp and Milwaukee Blacksmith in a story we did back in 2014.

You can watch back to back episodes tonight beginning at 9:00pm.  Milwaukee Ale House will host a viewing party beginning at 7:00pm. They will also bring back their Black Iron Ale beer, which is named after Milwaukee Blacksmith.


Check out the trailer for History Channel's Milwaukee Blacksmith below.

Milwaukee Blacksmith on the History Channel from Shannon Knapp on Vimeo.

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