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Rise and shine with 88Nine coffee "That’s My Jam"

88Nine coffee
88Nine coffee

As part of our 10 year celebration, we are collaborating with our long time supporter, and neighbor, Stone Creek Coffee to offer an exclusive roast to pair with your morning playlist.

That’s My Jam 

With hints of cocoa, strawberry and tangerine, this is a sweet and juicy brew that will get you moving in the morning. This coffee is available for a limited time this summer. So grab a bag, put on your best playlist and get your mornings started with our jam. That’s My Jam is available to purchase in half pound bags at the Stone Creek Café at Radio Milwaukee. Read more about our coffee tasting and selection process below.

There’s nothing quite like the smell of coffee in the morning.

As part of our 10 year celebration, we are working with a few of our close partners on creating a limited-run of offerings for our listeners.

One Friday back in  April, we spent the morning with Stone Creek Coffee on the initial phases of creating a coffee to call our own. Our own team took the time to get coffee-educated and open our palates to a mix of notes that we’ll narrow down to something enjoyable to share with our listeners and Stone Creek Coffee drinkers.

Before we started cupping, our team spent time talking with Marshall, one of Stone Creek Coffee’s Account Managers, to learn a bit more about the origin of some of coffees we’d be sampling. He mentioned that San Sebastian, one of the farms they partner with in Guatemala, has some musical roots in their community, which seemed like a great fit for us.

Then, we got to the good part: drinking coffee. In our exploratory tasting session, we sampled three different roasts, ranging from light to dark; both single origin and blends.

As we sampled the coffees, we shared our personal tasting experiences - whether we felt the flavor was fruity, nutty or grainy. How the aftertaste and intensity felt. How we interpreted the body (full, tea-like, chewy, slick, etc.). And then sharing our flavor memories.

Our intention was to find something that can match our brand’s personality. Nothing too polarizing, but a little progressive of a flavor. We wanted to find something that coffee drinkers on both ends of the spectrum can appreciate.

When we sampled our third coffee, the room became pretty quiet. You could just hear the sips and slurps of each of us in the room. There was a lot of attention being put towards the aroma, the flavor, the body. While we had slightly different interpretations, they were all flavor profiles that we couldn’t get enough of. And it seemed like we were on to something great. Marcus detailed the coffee as juicy, soft and skinny. I interpreted it as a soft and creamy treat. And Marshall, even busted a dance move. That’s when we started to feel that this coffee was the one.

So now we’re on to the next step, continuing to give this coffee a design and a name. Stay tuned as we release more fun details on this special coffee in mid-May, and the full release of the coffee in Stone Creek cafes on June 1.