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Coming Soon: Look for two new colorful additions to the Walker’s Point and Near West Side neighborhoods!


All year long, we’ve been finding different ways to celebrate our 10th anniversary with Milwaukee. We’ve thrown a birthday party, block party and family reunion; partnered with local businesses to create a coffee and a beer; and launched an all-Milwaukee music channel and new series of Community Stories.

Basically, we’ve done everything short of painting the town red… and starting July 31, we’ll be doing that, too.

We’re excited to share that we’ve commissioned Milwaukee artists to create murals in the Near West Side and Walker’s Point neighborhoods.

Scroll below for more details on the artists, locations and inspirations behind these two creative projects.

Our mural project is designed to create a long-lasting message from 88Nine to Milwaukee. We also hope that both pieces propel dialogue in their respective neighborhoods and the city as a whole.

In our call for artists, we asked for submissions that played on the concept of listening:
We hear so much around us, but are we listening? Are we listening to others, or are we shouting over others. Are we listening to things that fuel our passion, motivate us, inspire us, and positively influence us? Or are we just hearing the noise and world around us to stay afloat? What is more important hearing or listening?

Without further ado, we’re excited to introduce these talented artists to you!


Artist: Stacey Williams-Ng
Location: Penfield Children’s Center, 833 N. 26th Street
Mural start date: July 31
Estimated mural completion: September 10

Concept: Stacey’s concept plays on themes of rhythm, community and cohesion. It recognizes that music brings us all together and that differences disappear when we bind together as a community.


Artists: Katie Mullen and Jordan Pintar, BlackPaint Studios
Location: Var Gallery, 643 S. 2nd Street
Mural start date: September 2
Estimated mural completion: October 6

Concept: Using their unique style of vibrant colors and shapes, BlackPaint Studios will create a piece that incorporates the word “listen” as a fill-in-the-blank sentence starter to all those who walk past it on bustling 2nd street.